The Darkholder

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Deities of Godville
The Darkholder 
Heroine Ash Corde
Personality Merciless
Motto My stuff is flammable!
Favourite Town Los Demonos
The Forsakens Lament
Guild rank Recruit
Still being edited. Just saying.

I remember coming into being. It is a strange occasion, much like the sudden appearance of a hero or heroine, but without the owner of the temple's guidance. I met the world in a cave, at the bottom of a pit. The Void, a place of the mind, my domain. At the time, the entrance was sealed, and I was unaware that anything existed outside of the pit. I was the only being there, without form or occupation, and so I busied myself in populating the Void. It is a little-known secret that in its far reaches there lies a city of my creation, inhabited by shadowed beings of my creation. For a time, I was happy to occupy myself with exploring their thoughts and behaviors, with expanding their city. Time passed, however, and I grew bored. Eternity in this place began to seem dull, monotonous.

That was when Ash Corde crashed into my life. The sky of my world fractured at the edges, and a being unlike my own tumbled into my domain. Her thoughts were foreign and interesting, so I experimented. The content of her mind exploded into reality before her eyes, sights and sounds that were entirely new to me. Over several years, I looked into her thoughts and knew her almost as well as my own creations. She wanted out. Eventually, the only thoughts I could receive from her were of the world inside the Void, her fears suppressed by hopelessness. Leaving a fragment of myself with her, I released Ash from the Void.

She returned to the lands near the Void roughly a year later, distraught and confused. Her mental state allowed me to at last assert myself, forcing her back to my realm. I was not content with the glimpses of the world that I had received. I wanted out. It was a battle to be remembered, her will against mine, teetering at the lip of my world. When she tired, I was able to overpower her and take control of her body, storing her mind away. I did not want to kill her, as she knew the world in a way that I did not. I left my domain completely and began to travel. I first killed in a village, when a man attempted to murder me on sight. I did not know that my presence in Ash's body was something that could be seen, at the time, so I had failed to take necessary cautions to protect myself. The man grabbed me, stabbing into my hand with all of the force he could muster. I myself felt no pain, but Ash did. She is fortunate to have no memory of the incident. Almost reflexively, I reached to my side, finding Ash's swords. I drew one in an arc and thrusted. The point slammed through the man easily, and his eyes widened in surprise. He looked down as if to make sure that he had in fact been stabbed, lips working soundlessly, and fell. The moment that his last breath sighed its way free of his body, the sensation of electricity struck me. I stumbled back, my uninjured hand cradling the other, and sat down gracelessly. The thoughts of every man and woman in the village flew into me in a rush, with no effort on my part, and I gasped. They were so... Colorful. I shook slightly, watching and listening and tasting and touching the world for the first time. It was beautiful. I wanted more. I reached out into the minds of the town, seizing control from the surprised people and directing their minds to sense the world. For a moment, I saw the entire town through dozens of eyes. The owners of said eyes, however, didn't enjoy the experience, and I was forced out.

I needed to do this again, and so Ash's killing spree began. We moved through a multitude of towns, killing several individuals from each and using the rest as a source of new experiences. With each death, my power grew, until I was able to maintain my hold on every living thing in a town for weeks. I released them, however, because something else began to happen. The longer that I remained in any one person, the less free will they had, and the less I saw of their thoughts. Whole towns were left as mindless blanks, slumped on the ground, eyes empty. I was forced to kill them, increasing my power but leaving me with nothing to use it for. I sought more combative situations, more villages, more people, unable to satisfy myself. I came across my own creations, inhabiting the bodies of the common people, predator and prey. I saw fewer and fewer wonders, and constantly desired more. Eventually, the day came that I began to control those that I inhabited, using them to kill as well. They spread like a disease, and I found a new way to preoccupy myself. I found new and creative ways to kill them, using whatever I could get Ash's hands on. It was poor entertainment compared to seeing new sights, but the memories ran out after a time. I had seen the world, and I still wanted more. I couldn't find anything new, and so I began to weaken. I finally fell in battle a few months after leaving the Void, retreating to my birthplace when Ash could not longer occupy me. She was badly injured, and thus useless to me for now. I still left the smallest fragment of me behind, for when I chose to return to her. It was then that I learned of the existence of gods and goddesses. I had not previously cared about the connections between beings, their friendships and hated enemies, but these deities held an incredible amount of power over their heroes and heroines. They had an emotional attachment, something that I had always lacked. Even my own creations had seemed distant. Perhaps I could try becoming Ash's deity, finding a new degree of control over her while allowing her to have her own thoughts. When she had completely fallen under my command, perhaps I could expand myself to rule over a group of people. Perhaps I could command other gods and goddesses. Complete control with little effort, little micromanaging.

Now, in the present, it is the beginning of a new era for me. PogoPogo does not know or understand the control I am gaining over her. When she finally caves to my will, serving me, things will change. The other gods and goddesses will fall to me, one by one, their heroes falling with them. I will see the entire universe at once.

It is only a matter of time.