The Cyberfunks

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The Cyberfunks
Motto: Ad tabernam!
Leader: GodTjorvi 
Guild Page: The Cyberfunks 
Data current as of 18 August 2016

Welcome to our Wiki page! Here you will find information about our Guild and Godville.

- This page is under construction, I will be editing it during my free times, so be patient please. -


NOTE: If you are new to the game I suggest you to read this official FAQ before reading this one.

  • How do I play this game? This is a ZPG (zero-player game), so your hero/ine does the slaying and questing all on his/her own. You can, however, lend a hand in different ways:
    • Your first major goal is to collect 1000 golden bricks and build your temple. Once you have done so, you can begin dungeoning and saving for retirement.
      • Building a temple: for this you need those golden bricks, your hero can get them by completing quests, dueling, fighting bosses or buying them for just 3000 coins. You can also help him by melting 3000 goins, just hit encourage or punish until he gets a brick.
      • Dungeoning: Once your temple is built, you can drop your hero to a dungeon, here you can find some useful tips.
      • Saving for retirement
    • Your second major goal is to collect 1000 gopher logs and build an ark. Once you have done so, you can begin sailing.

How we began

Once upon a time in a village far far away ...

oh well, not so far away as you might think :)

A hero, a internet spaceship pilot, a worshipper of the Mighty Device (that it does stuff), named Capitan Boutique (due to his fancy pants), founded a new Guild and called it:

The Cyberfunks

This guild wants to aggregate all the internet spaceship pilots.

At the moment Capitan Boutique is seriously busy fighting the Lag Monster, then he doesn't have time to continue writing the story of his Guild.

Please enjoy in meantime some chronicles:

  • Day 702 g.e. - The Cyberfunks gains 1% of popularity in Deville.
Hierarchs, Cardinals and Masters made a party in this city, ended in the local prison due to strange laws about beer, paper hats and night brawling with low level monsters.
  • Day 827 g.e. - The Cyberfunks gains 1% of popularity in Bumchester
This time no party wasn't the usual party due to beer's shortage in town
This town isn't listed in the News :(