The Council of the Forsaken

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The Council of the Forsaken
Motto: Fiú ag an laoch is láidre scáth.
Date Founded: Unknown
Guild Page: The Council of the Forsaken 
Data current as of 26th January 2012

The Council of the Forsaken is simply, but not limited to an intergovernmental organization charged with counseling the forgotten, and abandoned people in all Godville. They are also a powerful controlling force in the underworld. Basically when there is a problem that is "...a threat to the stability and unity of Godville" they "Take care..." of it. These problems are chosen by the Magna Regis. The Magna Regis is a high level group in the Council that is comprised of everyone who has attained the rank of Patriarch or higher.

Method in the Madness

The Council's goal is very simplistic: Maintain the unity and stability of Godville. By maintaining the forsaken, Godville gains a strong base to build a flourishing society. The Council is not strictly good or evil, but a harmonious balance of both.


Very little of the Council's history is known by those outside the guild. The council does have an internal records keeper. However very few, even in the guild, have access to it. The leader and founder of the Council is the Lord-General Velen, the Honorable.