Terror Bull

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The Terror Bulls' name is derived from the root word "terror", being Terror Bull instead of Terrible. It is indeed a terrible Terror Bull. The Terror Bull was once a famous bull in the Godvile Rodeo, known for his fierce fighting skills, as well as his terrible flatulence. Whenever he appeared in the rodeo, the arena would always be sold out, except for the section directly behind his bullpen - where no one was stupid enough to sit, no matter how cheap the ticket.

The cause of his terrible flatulence is unknown, but it is believed to be related to his diet. Godville scientists had only begun to research this issue, but have nicknamed it "Irritable Bull Syndrome".

One day after he was given one too many whacks (and a large helping of lactose-heavy cheese), the Terror Bull went bonkers. He whipped the bull riders to shreds, and brutally pinned his demon master to the wall from the other side of the arena.

Now that he has escaped the Godville Rodeo, the Terror Bull refuses to go back. The Godville Rodeo is planning to pursue through the courts with a lawsuit soon.

Artists' depiction of the Terror Bull turning on his master.