Terminator T-34

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The Model T-34 Terminator was created by a mad scientist to cook him eggs and bacon in the morning. Due to both a design flaw and the mad scientist drinking binge, this mechanical monstrosity now seeks to kill all humans and also many small mammals. Unfortunately for mankind, while leaving the mad scientist lair, the T-34 took with him a toaster and commenced mating with it. Now many such models now inhabit the lands preying upon all impartially.


  • Being made of metal makes it strong.
  • Pillow case with doorknobs inside.
  • Last known possessor of "Space Pig"


  • Magnets.
  • Plasma Fusion.
  • Craves Bacon.


While the Terminator T-34 craves Bacon, it lacks the neccessary organs to consume and digest it, as such it is quite unclear the reason behind it's craving or what it does with said Bacon.