Terminator T-34

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The Model T-34 Terminator was created by a mad scientist for the sole purpose of cooking him eggs and bacon in the morning. Because the T-34 didn't cook the eggs correctly, the scientist got angry and yelled "You worthless piece of scrap metal! Even my toaster makes better bacon!". Unluckily for the scientist, the T-34 is programmed to kill any threat, however small it may be. While killing it's creator, the T-34's programming got stuck in a kill-loop. Now this mechanical monstrosity roams the lands attacking humans and small mammals alike. Unfortunately for the Godvillagers, the T-34 took with him a toaster when leaving the laboratory.


They are made of Lithic-Titanium Alloys reinforced by Carbonated Beryillium. Their Hydro-Nuclear Jetpacks have a propulsion rate of 205739.5748302 km/s and are powered by Thermodynamic Roentgenium. Their "brain" consists of a 239205 Terabyte hard drive with 5839GB of RAM, a 6839MHz processor and a Quantum based CPU capable of processing 48305 GB's of data at a time. That is all.


  • Being made of steel one can assume that it's pretty strong.
  • Pillow case with bricks inside.
  • Can scan the enemy and find out their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Magnets.
  • Plasma Fusion.
  • Static electricity
  • Craves bacon. Show him some and he will replace his weapons with kitchen utensils.