Terminator T-34

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The Model T-34 Terminator was created by a mad scientist to cook him eggs and bacon in the morning. Because he didn't cook the eggs correctly, the scientist yelled at him, "You worthless piece of scrap metal! My toaster could make this better than you!!!" Now this mechanical monstrosity now seeks to kill all humans and also many small mammals. Unfortunately for mankind, while leaving the mad scientist lair, the T-34 took with him a toaster and commenced mating with it. Now many such models, that can cook right by the way, now inhabit the lands preying upon all impartially.


They are made of Lithic-Titanium Alloys reinforced by Carbonated Beryillium. Their Hydro-Nuclear Jetpacks have a propulsion rate of 205739.5748302 km/s and are powered by Thermodynamic Roentgenium. Their "brain" consists of a 239205 Terabyte hard drive with 5839GB or RAM, a 6839MHz processor and a Quantum based CPU capable of processing 48305 GB's of data at a time. That is all.


  • Being made of steel makes it strong.
  • Pillow case with bricks inside.
  • Can scan the enemy and find out their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Magnets.
  • Plasma Fusion.
  • Craves bacon. Show him some and he will replace his weapons with kitchen utensils.