Terminator T-34

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Monsters of Godville
Terminator T-34
Class Exterminator
Habitat all good battlefields
Death Rattle I'll be back!
Description Shiny, with glowing red eyes and a severe attitude

The Terminator T-34 is a monster that was created by plans off the internet in the near future. It was sent from back in time to hunt down any hero that it perceives to be a threat to its core program - to allow the Machines to rule over Godville.

Its hard metallic alloy body makes it nearly indestructible and its wide array of weapons makes it versatile in combat.

All Terminator T-34's are made of Lithic-Titanium alloys reinforced by Carbontubes. They have an artificial skin covering them, allowing them to look like human. The only exception is their glowing red eyes.


  • Metallic body which is impervious to most attacks.
  • Weight - Can crush you if it sits on you.
  • Devoid of feelings
  • Also has the power to turn all that it touches to gold.


  • Electricity - preferably by your own divine bolt.
  • Weight - hard to move around.
  • Molten metal will make it inoperable