Temple Completion Time Estimation

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Here, there are two formulas: one formulated by Spode, and one by Sophawa. Spode's formula is no longer accurate but takes into account the hero's duel record, while Sophawa's formula is simpler but only applies to heroines and heroes whose Deities play consistently over time.

Sophawa's Formula

Main page: Sophawa's Formula.

Sophawa's method uses a simple formula:



  • A = the age of the heroine or hero. If the age is in months, the result will be in months (and so on).
  • P = the percentage of the temple that is complete (in number form).

Spode's Formula

Main page: Spode's Formula.

Spode's formula is no longer accurate. However:


Where: Fo55555.gif

And where:

  • T= Percentage of temple complete.
  • A= Age of heroine or hero. If this is in months, answer will be in months and so on.
  • W= Number of Duel wins.
  • L= Number of Duel losses.