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*Be welcoming
*Be welcoming
*Maintain civility at all times
*Maintain civility at all times
|}<noinclude><noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]][[Category:Talk namespace templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
|}<noinclude><noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]][[Category:Talk namespace templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:Hatnote templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Template:Talkheader page.

  • Be polite
  • Assume good faith
  • No personal attacks
  • Do not bite the newcomers
  • Respond in a mature manner
  • Be welcoming
  • Maintain civility at all times
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📚 Documentation

Place this at the top of a talk page. Its contents and guidelines adapt to whatever the kind of page you place it on, whether that be an article talk page or a user talk page.

If the talk header is used on a user talk page, you can specify the parameter |title= as the title text for your own personal greeting.

By default, this template will also call and apply the {{Top}} template. Enter the parameter |top=no to desactivate this feature.

Example of usage: {{talkheader}}