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This article is a stub.

That means we think there's room here for some great new content, and we think you might be the right person for the job! If you feel inspired, we think you should be bold and expand or rewrite it!
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📚 Documentation

Labels the article as a Stub. Automatically categorises the article into Category:Stubs. It can also optionally point to the suitable Guideline page for the indicated article type (but does not autocategorise as this article type).

Example of Usage:



The capitalisation of the parameter is preserved in the text, but is normalised to the correct capitalisation for the links. (In other words, use whatever capitalisation you want, links will work.)

Valid types and guidelines
Parameter Guideline
artifact Guideline: Artifact Articles
aura Guideline: Aura Articles
tavern Guideline: Tavern Articles
equipment Guideline: Equipment Articles
geography Guideline: Geography Articles
monster Guideline: Monster Articles
town Guideline: Town Articles
skill Guideline: Skill Articles
quest Guideline: Quest Articles
hero Guideline: Hero Articles[1]
god Guideline: God Articles[1]
guild Guideline: Guild Articles[1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 While this parameter is valid, putting this template onto the page of a hero, god, or guild that is not your own may violate the rules or, at the very least, be extraordinarily rude.