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All parameters are optional.

|title=: The box title (default: no title)
|text=: Text inside the box (default: a mess of lorem ipsum)
|bgcolor=: Background color in RGB format with no sign of # (default: fefefe)
|bordercolor=: Border color of the left (for harmony with the picture and the background; default: 999)
|outerbordercolor=: Color of the top, right and bottom borders (default: AAB)
|img=: An image filename without the prefix "Image:" (default: Important.png)
|imgwidth=: Width of image. Use with care, or preferably do not use. (default: 64)
|cat=: A category without the prefix "Category:" (default: none).
Add the page where this sign is placed to the specified category.
Note: Use of |cat= needs to be protected (<includeonly> at least) when {{Sign}} is used in other templates.
|height=: the height of the template (default: auto)
|width=: the width of the template (default: 100%, see also |margins=)
|interval=: the bottom margin in pixels (default: 1)
|margins=: the left and right margins of the box (default: 3em)

Margins vs. width

Making this template narrower by setting the |width= parameter is strongly discouraged, as it is not portable across different-sized devices. If you need to narrow the box, increase the value of |margins= instead.

Example of use

| title = What a nice example!
| text = [[User:Spode|Spode]] is clearly a genius
| bgcolor = abcdef
| img = Imbox notice.png
| outerbordercolor = red
| bordercolor = green
| margins = 10em

Results in:

Imbox notice.png

What a nice example!

Spode is clearly a genius