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  • Title - the title (default: no title)
  • Text - text (default: a mess of lorem ipsum)
  • Bgcolor - the background color in RGB format with no sign of # (default: fefefe)
  • Bordercolor - Border color of the left (for harmony with the picture and the background; default: 999)
  • Outerbordercolor - color of the top, right and bottom Boarders (default: AAB)
  • Img - a picture without the prefix "Image:» (default: Important.png)
  • Imgwidth - for non-standard images. It is advisable not to touch (default: 64)
  • Cat - the category without the prefix "Category:» (default: none). Do not use directly in other patterns, otherwise the template will get this same category
  • Height - the height of the template (default: auto)
  • Width - the width of the template (default: 80%)
  • Interval - the bottom margin in pixels (default: 1)


{{Sign | Title = What a nice example! | Text = [[User:Spode|Spode]] is clearly a genius. | Height = 80 | Bgcolor = C0C0C0 | Bordercolor = 404040 | Outerbordercolor = 000000 | Img = Fo55555.gif | Imgwidth = 64 }}

Results in:

Important.png Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. In est libero, tristique vel, vestibulum a, aliquam sit amet, nisl. Curabitur suscipit euismod sapien. Nullam ligula.