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{{delete|unneeded (Use {{tlx|restructure}} instead.}}
| title = This article needs to be completely rewritten.
| text = To help Godville wiki, please consider [{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} rewriting it]. Please makes sure to use the appropriate [[:Category:Guidelines|Guideline]].
}}<includeonly>[[Category:Articles that need to be completely rewritten]][[Category:Articles Requiring Maintenance]]</includeonly><noinclude>
[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:Hatnote templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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This template is marked for deletion.

For the following reason: unneeded (Use {{restructure}} instead.

Of course, the miraculous intervention of a god may succeed in reviving it. On the article's talk page you can make a plea for its continued existence.