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This article needs to be restructured or partly rewritten

To help Godville wiki, please consider restructuring it. Please makes sure to use the appropriate Guideline or a second warning will be placed on the article.
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📚 Documentation

Labels an article as one needing to be restructured or partly rewritten due to a failure to comply with the appropriate Guideline. Automatically categorizes the article in the hidden category Articles that need to be restructured and Articles Requiring Maintenance.


The template accepts the following parameters.

Positional parameters

  • 1 / first unnamed parameter: (Optional) An explanation of why the tagged article should be restructured or partly rewritten; what needs changing.
If not specified, the 'For the following reason...' line will not appear.

Named parameters

  • |nocat=: (Optional) Set |nocat=true to disable automatic categorization.
Useful when displaying template examples, as below.

Example of Use

This code
{{restructure|references are missing}}
results in

This article needs to be restructured or partly rewritten

For the following reason: references are missing
To help Godwiki, please consider discussing it on the talk page and contributing by restructuring it.