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|title=List example
|title=List example
|list1={{Navbox list|[[Item one]]|[[Piped link|Item two]]|[[Item three]] (note)}}
|list1={{Navbox list|{{fake link|Item one}}|{{fake redlink|Item two|Piped link}}|{{fake link|Item three}} (note)}}

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Navbox templates
{{Navbox subgroup}}
{{Navbox items}}

{{Navbox list}} is intended for use with the {{Navbox}} set of templates to make correctly formatted lists of items.

Items should be wikilinked and formatted exactly as they will appear in the final list.

Example of use:

|title=List example
|list1={{Navbox list|[[Item one]]|[[Piped link|Item two]]|[[Item three]] (note)}}
 List example
Item one Item two Item three (note)

Up to 99 list items are supported.

{{Navbox list}} optional parameters

Defines a bullet to appear between the list items. The default bullet is , which is defined in the sub-page {{Navbox list/Bullet}}.
Defines the space to appear between the bullet and the adjacent list items on either side, as in:
Item[space]bullet[space]Item. The default is a normal space, and is defined in the sub-page {{Navbox list/Space}}.
By default, this template makes a list item and the bullet to its right non-breaking, so that wherever possible it stays together on a single line and doesn't wrap. Setting |bullet-wrap=yes allows list items and bullets to break freely across lines. This is only useful if your list contains very long items, which cause ugly line breaking on small screens.
If |bullet-wrap=yes, this parameter tells the template to stop list items from breaking across a space, but allow the bullet to appear on the next line.