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Disable automatic wikilinking of items (which is on by default).
(Note: |mode=example will apply link formatting without linking, using {{fake link}}. This can be useful when demonstrating the output of this template, e.g. in documentation.)
If yes, items have no special wrapping, and will break across lines as normal. If no, nowrap is applied to list items.
CSS styling applied to individual list items. Include trailing ;, do not include "quotes".
Set bullet character (Default is )


  • A list of towns, with autolinking.


{{Navbox items|Beerburgh|Herowin|San Satanos|Dogville}}


Beerburgh • Herowin • San Satanos • Dogville
  • A longer list, coded vertically (on multiple lines), illustrating why |mode=nolink may be necessary for some lists.


{{Navbox items | mode=nolink
| [[:Category:Healing Artifacts|Healing Artifacts]]
| [[:Category:Bold Artifacts|Bold Artifacts]]
| [[:Category:Activatable Artifacts|Activatable Artifacts]]


Healing Artifacts • Bold Artifacts • Activatable Artifacts