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As well as categorising an article as a Monster one, it supplies information about it.


  • image - Optional but preferable The full image file name.
  • description - brief description of the monster's appearance
  • habitat - The habitat the monster is generally found in.
  • class - The class of the monster eg. alien,feline,humanoid,demon,amphibian etc. Be reasonably exact but don't go overboard by using any taxonomy.
  • artifact - Optional Only include if the monster actually has it's own artifact.
  • rattle - Optional Only include if the monster actually has a Death Rattle.
  • position - Optional The position of the template on the page. By default set to 'right' although you may set it to 'left' or 'centre'.

Example of Usage:

{{monster | description = An evil red thing | habitat = Hell | class = Demon | rattle = I'm a little evil! }}