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As well as automatically categorizing an article into Category:Monsters, this template supplies some standard information about the subject of the article.


  • image - Optional but preferable The full image file name.
If |image=image is not supplied, the template will default to a generic image, and will automatically insert Template:Picture above the template, which in turn adds the article to Category:Pictures needed. To suppress this behaviour, but still display the default placeholder image (if, for example, {{Monster}} is not at the top of the article), you may manually specify the placeholder image by filename using |image=Menagerie.png, and separately add {{Picture}} in the appropriate place.
  • class - The class of the monster e.g. alien, feline, humanoid, demon, amphibian etc. Be reasonably exact but don't go overboard by using any taxonomy.
  • habitat - The habitat the monster is generally found in.
  • description - A brief description of the monster's appearance
  • health - Optional To find a monster's health, roll your mouse over the progress bar and it will give you a percentage (let's call it p1). Repeat until you get an EN entry where it tells you how many hp the monster got hit for (call it h). Then roll your mouse over to get the new percentage (call it p2). The health of the monster is: h/((p2-p1)/100).
  • rattle - Optional Only include if the monster actually has a Death Rattle.
  • artifact - Optional Only include if the monster actually has its own artifact.
  • totem - Optional If the monster is a totem for a guild, the guild may be added here. Write only the guild name. The name will automatically link to that guild's GodWiki page, and the article will automatically be categorized as a totem monster article.
  • wanted - Optional Add the particular date or dates the monster was wanted in the Godville Times. In the field, write the word "Day" or "Days" and add the web.archive.org link of the g.e. day or days the monster was in the godville times. Do no write the letters "g.e." as those are automatically added.
  • boss - Optional If set to a positive value (such as yes, y, true, 1, etc.), creates a Boss-Monster infobox, additionally adds the article to Category:Boss-Monsters, and enables one additional parameter:
  • boss-type - Optional if boss is enabled (See the table below)
  • pet - Optional If set to a positive value (such as yes, y, true, 1, etc.), creates a Pet infobox, additionally adds the article to Category:Pets, and enables two additional parameters:
  • levels - Optional if pet is enabled the range of levels the hero must be in to be able to tame the pet.
  • feature - Optional if pet is enabled Only include if the pet actually has a feature listed in its stats.
The pet-optional parameters will be ignored when pet is undefined, blank, or set to a negative value (off, no, 0, etc.)

Available boss-type arguments

|boss-type= Boss Type displayed Notes
above Above-Ground
dig or ug Underground
quest Mini-Quest
1 or 1ab 1-Ability Dungeon AKA "Level 1" / "Class C" (old system)
2 or 2ab 2-Ability Dungeon AKA "Level 2" / "Class B"
3 or 3ab or tb 3-Ability Dungeon AKA "Level 3" / "Treasure Boss" / "Class A"
dungeon Dungeon (unknown/generic)

Examples of Use


| image = Example.jpg
| class = Demon
| habitat = Hell, Swamps, and Old Shoes
| description = An evil red thing with an attitude
| health = 55
| rattle = I'll be back!
| artifact = Hell's Hailstone
| totem = James' Guild
| wanted = Day [https://web.archive.org/web/20140830200611/http://godvillegame.com/news 1574]


| image = Significantotter.jpg
| description = Aquatic mammal
| class = Important
| habitat = Bottled water streams
| pet = true
 | levels = 18-33
| totem = Example guild


| image = Bosstradamus.jpg 
| class = Squid 
| habitat = Dungeons and cubicles 
| description =  A supervising future teller
| boss = true
 | boss-type = 3ab