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* '''image''' - ''Optional but preferable'' The full image file name.
* '''imag.         {{picture}}
* '''class''' - The class of the monster e.g. alien, feline, humanoid, demon, amphibian etc.  Be reasonably exact but don't go overboard by using any taxonomy.
* '''class''' - cat {{boss}}
* '''habitat''' - The habitat the monster is generally found in.
* '''description''' - A brief description of the monster's appearance
* '''health''' - ''Optional'' To find a monster's health, roll your mouse over the progress bar and it will give you a percentage (let's call it p1). Repeat until you get an EN entry where it tells you how many hp the monster got hit for (call it h). Then roll your mouse over to get the new percentage (call it p2). The health of the monster is: h/((p2-p1)/100).
* '''habitat''' -  
* '''rattle''' - ''Optional'' Only include if the monster actually has a [[Death Rattle]].
* '''description''
* '''health''' - '' 6802
* '''rattle''' rattle rattle.
* '''artifact''' - ''Optional'' Only include if the monster actually has it's [[Monsters' Artifacts|own artifact]].
* '''artifact''' - ''Optional'' Only include if the monster actually has it's [[Monsters' Artifacts|own artifact]].

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The monster template categorizes an article as a monster article and it supplies information about it.


  • imag.
    📷Picture needed
    This article needs one or more pictures to be added to it. To help Godwiki, please consider adding suitable pictures. You can find some relevant pictures that are not protected by copyright or licensing here.

    • habitat -
    • 'description
    • health - 6802
    • rattle rattle rattle.
    • artifact - Optional Only include if the monster actually has it's own artifact.
    • position - Optional The position of the template on the page. By default set to 'right' although you may set it to 'left' or 'centre'.
    • totem - Optional If the monster is a totem for a guild, the guild may be added here. Write only the guild name. The name will automatically link to that guild's GodWiki page, and the article will automatically be categorized as a totem monster article.
    • wanted - Optional Add the particular date or dates the monster was wanted in the Godville Times. In the field, write the word "Day" or "Days" and add the web.archive.org link of the g.e. day or days the monster was in the godville times. Do no write the letters "g.e." as those are automatically added

    Example of Usage:

    | image = Example.jpg
    | class = Demon
    | habitat = Hell, Swamps, and Old Shoes
    | description = An evil red thing with an attitude
    | rattle = I'll be back!
    | artifact = Hell's Hailstone
    | totem = James' Guild
    | wanted = Day [https://web.archive.org/web/20140830200611/http://godvillegame.com/news 1574]