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Tick.png Done

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📚 Documentation

The Message/base template is used internally by the Message template. You should not call this template directly. It will be automatically called by the Message template.


Parameter Description
background The background color of the message, defaults to default which is the default value of the background-color property in CSS.
custom-icon Custom icon which supports HTML that can be used in place of the image parameter. Defaults to nothing. If this parameter is specified, it overrides image
image, {{{1}}} The name of an image in the File namespace to use with the message. image defaults to the value of {{{1}}}, which itself defaults to tick.png. (Tick.png)
message, {{{2}}} The message to display. This message will appear in bold text. message defaults to the value of {{{2}}}, which itself defaults to Done.


Markup Result
{{Message/base|tick.png|Done}} Tick.png Done
{{Message/base|notey.png|Feedback required|background=hotpink}} Notey.png Feedback required
{{Message/base||Great work!|custom-icon=<big>🤩</big>}} 🤩 Great work!

Example of use:

{{m|done}} I've done that thing we discussed! -- ~~~~

Tick.png Done I've done that thing we discussed! -- ~~~~