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{| class="infobox" border="1" width="25%" style="float: right; clear: right; margin: 0 0 1em 1em;  border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px solid #CCCCCC" width: 40em; text-align: left; font-size: 90%;" cellspacing="2"
| style="font-size: 110%;" align="center" colspan="2" | '''{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}'''
| style="font-size: 110%;" align="center" colspan="2" | '''{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}'''

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📚 Documentation

This template categorises an article as Category:Guilds and displays information about that guild.


Note: All parameters are optional. Some will cause rows to appear if they are set. Others are only necessary to change default/automatic behavior.

Data Parameters

  • image - The emblem of the guild, file name of uploaded image can go here. Brackets and code will be applied automatically, so just add the raw file name. For example just write example.jpg
Note: The previous name for this parameter, emblem, will continue to work, but is deprecated.
  • motto - The motto of the guild which will appear in italics.
  • monster - The totem monster of the guild. Automatically links to its wiki page.
  • rank - The high-level rank for the guild.
  • number - The number of members in the guild. May be approximate (if so, precede the number with ~).
  • leader - The current leader of the guild. Only the username; The god template is automatically fitted to it.
  • founded - The date the guild was founded.
  • founder - The member who founded the guild. Only the username; The god template is automatically fitted to it. Add entries for founder2, founder3, founder4, and/or founder5 if there are multiple founders.
  • alignment - The alignment of the guild.
  • gold - The gold fund of the guild (only put the number).
  • forum - The forum thread of the guild. Should be the raw URL.
  • town - The town in which the guild has the most influence in.
  • perc - Only if 'town' is specified must you put this The percentage of influence the guild has in that town (without the percent sign)
  • date - The date all the data listed was collected on (things obviously change).

Optional Parameters

(These parameters should normally not be set.)

  • name - Override the name used for the guild. Will default to the name of the guild article. Only set if the article name does not match the guild name. (Some guild names may not be usable as Godwiki article names for technical reasons. In these cases, use the closest possible article name, then set |name= to the exact guild name.)
  • stats - Set |stats=no to disable automatic linking to the guild page. |stats=url can be used to override the automatically-generated URL, if necessary. (The automatic URL will be based on the article name, or on the value of |name= if set.)
  • nocat - If set to any value, the template will not apply [[Category: Guilds]] to the page in which it appears. The default behaviour for the template is to correctly categorise the page.

Allies and Rivals parameters

You may include up to 5 ally guilds and up to 5 rival guilds. you must use the first parameter before moving onto the second and third one (eg. friend1 before friend2). Please only include the full name of the guild as it will be automatically linked to their wiki page.

  • friend1
  • friend2
  • friend3
  • friend4
  • friend5
  • friend6
  • friend7
  • foe1
  • foe2
  • foe3
  • foe4
  • foe5


Example of Use (only fields filled in will appear):

Motto: We rule!
Alignment: Darkest
Membership Number: 9000
Town with most influence: Godville ('%)
Pantheon Rank: 1
Data from 05.06.2010

| image = example.jpg
| motto = We rule!
| monster =  
| rank = 
| number = 9000
| leader = 
| founded = 
| founder = 
| alignment = Darkest
| gold = 
| forum = 
| pantheon = 1
| pantheon2 = 2
| pantheon3 = 3
| town = Godville
| perc = 
| date = 05.06.2010
| friend1 = good guild
| friend2 = 
| friend3 = 
| friend4 = 
| friend5 = 
| friend6 = 
| friend7 = 
| foe1 = hated guild
| foe2 = most hated guild
| foe3 = 
| foe4 = 
| foe5 = 

An example of its use can be found on this article: Warped Quantum

Step by Step

  • Start by searching in the Wiki for your proposed new Guild Name - in the Search Bar at top right.
  • If this is a new Guild, you should see something like this...
Search Guild False.png
  • Create your Guild page from that CREATE MY PROPOSED GUILD NAME link. You should see this ...
Create New Guild75.png

I suggest using something more like the following for a brand new Guild with 1 member ...

| motto = My inspired motto for my Guild
| founded = May 2013
| number = 1
| alignment = neutral  
| founder = My User Name

It should look like this...

Create New Guild Template.png
  • Your main Guild Title will create automatically, as will the Category Guild link at the bottom of the page.
  • Add some text and and click the SHOW PREVIEW button at the bottom to see what your new Wiki page will look like...
Create New Guild Template Text75.png
  • Consult the Creators Manual for how to make headings, bold text, italics, links, images and so on.
  • Once you are sure you have it right, click the SAVE PAGE button.
  • Don't forget to tick the THIS IS A MINOR EDIT box for any small edits.
  • If you are trying to work out how to link to Stats pages and Forum pages and so on, go to a Guild page and very carefully click the EDIT at top right to have a look at how things work. Please make sure you BACK out of the page or just close it so that you do not make any changes. Try this one if you like... Spidermonkey army
  • Note that the Guild Stats page is auto created after you have more than one person in your Guild. See example Warped Quantam Stats