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| image =
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| class = Elemental
| class = Elemental
| habitat = Close to beer factories and taverns
| habitat = Close to beer factories and taverns

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Monsters of Godville
Class Elemental
Habitat Close to beer factories and taverns
Description Beer and meerkat in one monster! What could go wrong?!

Born in ancient times from the madness and loneliness of an Ale-chemist, the Beerkat is a beer elemental that took form of a meerkat that is now commonly widespread in Godville, all being duplicates of duplicates of the original Beerkat.

Due to its nature as an elemental, the Beerkat need to absorb beer to survive, it's body being altered according to the beer it consume. Studies shows that the monster weakens or gets stronger according to the alcohol degree of the beer, 10° being the average degree of the Beerkat population.

Records says that once in Beerburgh, a panicked Beerkat absorbed a Beer-scented soap and the monster was literally making giants beer-soap bubbles. The whole city was cleaned up (and beer-soaked) in less than a minute.

The monster tend to avoid heroes, due to their tendencies to be attracted by anything that is beer scented, and will not hesistate to defend itself from them. But despite being beer elemental, it seems heroes can't "drink" a Beerkat because the amount of beer inside the heroes allows the monster to survive somehow (decency doesn't allow us to explain further what happened to the unfortunate heroes who tried).


  • Resistance to physical attacks
  • Can absorb beer to regenerate itself
  • Can duplicate itself into differents Beerkats


  • Beer scent attract heroes
  • Flammable
  • Banned from any alcohol free party

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