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Godbusters are heroines, except lacking a Goddess. They tend to use the same kinds of weaponry and armor (but only the best quality) so they can blend in crowds of heroines and fool them easily. This is an excellent tactic, since none can really tell an actual heroine from a Godbuster. Even the mercenaries themselves can't recognize each other sometimes, leading to some almost comical incidents.

"Today, two Godbusters killed each other, both believing the other was a heroine according to a witness. Respective diaries found on bodies suggest they were supposed to meet up."
Bosswell Guard Force Incident Report no.49, 3002 g.e.

Rumored to be forsaken high-leveled heroes, Godbusters' skills, in both armed fighting and cunning strategy, greatly exceed those of Antiheroes and Feral Heroes, and a single mercenary can handle a whole party of heroines by itself, according to various dungeon chronicles.

Gossips also claim that Godbusters really like to contemplate the hope in heroines' eyes at a glimpse of the treasure, and to shatter that hope with a good weapon and an evil grin.


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