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📚 Documentation

This template generates a customizable status/progress bar which closely mimics the bars and styles used in Godville's (super)hero page. It knows a handful of defined styles.


Total width of the bar. Default 232px
Maximum width of the bar. Default 100%
Completed amount of the bar. If just a number or an evaluable expression is provided, then it will be evaluated and assumed to be a percentage. If anything that's not a number or numerical expression is supplied (E.g, if you include a % sign or a length in px), it will be used literally.
If not specified, a default of 25% is used (except if |style=health, see below).
Equivalent to |status=100
Mouseover text for progress bar
CSS color value for the incompleted portion of the progress bar. Default #fff
CSS color value for the completed portion of the progress bar. Default pink
Optional: the name of a style (see below)

Named styles

When using a named style, all parameters (except for |background-color=) can be overridden by specifying the parameter directly.

|width=232px, |title=quest progress, |color=pink
side or sidejob
|width=232px, |title=sidejob progress, |color=#cdabd8
|width=232px, |title=levelup progress, |color=rgb(249, 180, 54)
|width=232px, |title=inventory, |color=rgb(136, 45, 23)
|width=430px, |title=godpower, |color=#199BDC
news or earthlynews
|width=430px, |title=progress, |color=rgb(226, 163, 49)
|width=232px, |title=inventory, |color=see note
Note: The color of the health bar changes depending on the value of |status=.
  • 70 < {{{status}}}: rgb(0, 128, 0)
  • 25 < {{{status}}} <= 70: rgb(246, 246, 0)
  • {{{status}}} <= 25: rgb(235, 0, 0)
These are subject to change as I tweak the accuracy of the colours and threshold values. Unlike all other styles, the default status is 100.
3rd or third
2nd or second
1st or first
honored or honoured
Intended to allow a progress bar tracking achievements, these will apply bronze, silver, gold, and red colours to the completed portion of the bar, and create a custom title text.
|width=232px; |title=see note; 3rd: |color=rgb(205, 127, 50); 2nd: |color=silver; 1st: |color=gold; honored: |color=darkred
These styles take an additional optional parameter: achievement. You can optionally set this to the name of the achievement being tracked, and the template will make the title (mouseover) text of the progress bar indicate the tracked achievement. This is usually only visible to desktop users, but is heard or seen by users using screen readers and other vision accessibility tools. If not supplied, text defaults to "Achievement". I.e.,
Wikicode Title text Example
{{Diarybar|style=third}} Achievement, 3rd rank progress - 25%
{{Diarybar|style=2nd|achievement=coach}} Coach, 2nd rank progress - 25%
{{Diarybar|style=honoured}} Honored Achievement progress - 25%
{{Diarybar|style=honoured|achievement=animalist}} Honored Animalist progress - 25%
Note that some users use the |background-color= parameter to change the background color to either the previous achievement level's colour, or their own current current achievement level (e.g., if I currently have Champion, 2nd rank, I may use {{Diarybar|style=honored|achievement=champion|background-color=silver|...}}, etc.)