Tempered Glass Dragon

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The Tempered Glass Dragon, known for its shininess that distracts heroes, is a ferocious beast. Ranging anywhere from the size of a gold coin to that of a brick many a hero mistakes this monster for a reward and ends up losing some blood to the broken glass of its claw. Yes the Tempered Glass Dragon, or TGD, has a single claw that can come out of any part of its body. Sometimes the TGD extrudes its single claw from multiple positions, generally around where its hand would be. Heroes have been reassured by TGDs that it is in fact one claw and not multiples, they have also been told that Tempered Glass Dragons are the most trustworthy of all monsters and would never lie to a hero to benefit itself. Unlike other dragons the TGD is very fragile and can not breathe fire as it may melt. Solar Bears seem especially effective against the TGD as it is both hot and blunt.


  • Distracting shininess
  • Retractable claw
  • Very sharp and somewhat hard


  • Shatters when hit with a blunt instrument
  • Singing at high pitches seems to scare it.
  • Embarrassed when pets jump on it
  • Excessive heat