Technophobic Robot

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Monsters of Godville
Technophobic Robot
Technophobic Robot.jpg
Class Robot
Habitat Might be everywhere
Description Robot with technology fearing issue

The Technophobic Robot is a robotic monster with a failed software function, which makes this robot hating itself. It has been searching it's maker to eliminate them, since they failed to make a better robot of it. Due to the corruption of the hard drive, certain files were lost and only vague clues point to who the creator was. The salvaged data states that the creator loves to spend a lot a time with bottles of alcoholic beverages, inspired by an unseen force, and enjoys dangerous strolls down the road of Godville. Since this description matches most of Godvilles denizens, it thinks that every passing hero was it's maker and it tries to kill every hero that it sees.



  • Cold blooded. (or oiled?)
  • Fast Engine.


  • Hates itself.
  • Needs long time to recharge energy.
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