Teach these monsters some manners

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Quests of Godville


Teach these monsters some manners
a quest of redemption
Tea dragon.jpg
a monster displaying its refinement

General Information

Teaching these monsters some manners is a quest in which the hero/ine has to redeem itself and a monster of choice. This quest calls for a suppression of both subject's primal instincts, mainly killing, running and their innate disdain for education of any kind. May they achieve this containment, manners must be taught to the monster. This one will display this training in order to achieve the quest's reward; this displays usually involve some degree of drink or eating, as well as social protocol and sportsmanship.

Tips for completion

  • Don't encourage violent behaviors on your hero/ine, they won't refrain from slaying monsters if you throw lightning bolts at said creatures.
  • Teach your hero/ine some manners first, it will greatly accelerate the process.
  • Try to get an aura of Pacifism, an aura of Abstinence or both if you can.


The pleasant feeling of helping two beasts redeem themselves and rise above their murderous nature, also gold bricks and gopherwood.