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Monsters of Godville
Task Manager
Taskicus Masterica
Class Workaholic
Habitat Office Space I & II
Totem for IT Geeks ⚜️ 
Description Demands paperwork yesterday

The Task Manager (Taskicus Masterica) is a monster that requires workers to report on weekends and holidays. It refuses to accept work completed without a cover sheet and will refer you to the memo about how to submit paperwork according to the current licensing requirements.

Starting with Monday, the Task Manager will bring a new stack of paperwork required to be submitted according to the newest memo regulations or will demand that you complete the work again before leaving to go home for the day. By Friday, the list of paperwork needing re-work will always be more than it was for all the other days of the week combined.



  • Uses intimidation to get its way
  • Can fire heroes who work under its command


  • Needs coffee to keep moving
  • Red staplers