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Beasties of Godville
Cisterna Piscium
Class Aquatic
Habitat Coral reefs
Description Unknown
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 3: 30-39 HP

The Tankfish is a beastie that heroines may find while sailing on an ark.

Shock! Mobility! Firepower!

These are the words that read on the wall of an ancient ruin in the higher banks of the River Kraktor. This building had been a factory aeons ago, now rusted contraptions loom over iron planks, engines and shells. This is, broadly speaking, the birthplace of the Tankfishes. Back when the Kraktor War[1] raged, many warcrafts and weapons were saw mass production in a blind effort of overpowering an unknown enemy. In this particular factory unipersonal submarines were assembled, machines the might of which is unquestionable, but their purpose unknown.

War never changes

After the war this devices were washed out into the oceans, some were catched by puzzled fishers who sold them to the first hawkers they found. The sea dwellers found a better use for this machinery. Eels, fishies, stars, crabs and many more small creatures assembled in crews and learnt how to pilot this devices. They use their newfound power to try and sink the arks that trespass in their coral homes. Heroines who "kill" these beasties find them to be 'tanks full of fish', thus Fishtanks

Notes and References

  1. The Kraktor War was a conflict fought along this river and its surroundings. Not much is known about the conflict as it predates the heroic age, the little we know comes from ruins and folktales.