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Pets of Godville
Talking Donkey
Class Mammal, ungulate
Habitat Warm dry areas, or anywhere man has domesticated them
Description Long-eared, hooved ungulate. Sapient, likely due to magical means.
Tame at levels 18–32(?)

A Talking Donkey is often very soft spoken, but can be rowdy if untamed.

General Information

A talking donkey is very considerate of kind heroes who treat them properly. However if the hero fails to meet the donkey's expectation, it may give the hero a difficult time (a.k.a. kick them).

Talking donkeys carry baggage for the heroes and try their best to offer help and companionship to them. Heroes must keep a close watch on their belongings because Talking Donkeys are prone to snack on the hero's stuff.

Heroes can teach the Talking Donkey to scream their motto.

The Talking Donkey was first tamed by an ogre named Shrek.

Today, many talking donkeys are known for their idiocy and how much they talk. They mostly talk their enemies' ears off, which causes them to bleed out. A talking donkey's voice sounds surprisingly similar to the actor Eddie Murphy speaking through a microphone.

Warning: Talking donkeys look identical to non-talking ones, so sudden speech may come as a surprise to the hero. Oddly, donkeys react the same way about talking heroes.

The Talking Donkey is chewy when cooked and has a sweet, oniony flavour to it.

The talking donkey is not rideable, due to its lack of back strength and because it learned to walk on two legs while young. Due to this, the pet is not considered as a mount.

Don't be fooled by this creature's cuteness. When a "tamed" talking Donkey witnesses its Hero's untimely death it may (if its level is high enough) kill the Monster. If the tamed Talking Donkey is successful in slaying the Monster, the Monster will drop a golden brick, and a few coins.

"06:43 AM Null followed me into the hospital ward and diligently rubbed against my leg with his healing fur."-Romeo Sky.

Talking Donkey has healing fur.

"07:35 AM Null suddenly rushed in front of a runaway cart to rescue a child."

Talking Donkey has really soft healing fur it can cushion anything without taking any damage.

"03:06 PM Null used his “puppy eyes” skill against the Dust Devil. The Dust Devil turned mushy, gave me an origami paperweight as a toy for him, and 141 gold coins to buy some better talking donkey food".

Puppy eyes is one of the best skills of Talking Donkeys.


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