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General topics

From what I've heard, there are three main traits to pets in this game so far, rideable, fighting, and healing. Fetching items may or may not be a fourth. I only listed rideable, as that is confirmable with the iOS app, which says if a pet is rideable or not. My Dandy Lion, however, never heals my hero, so I'm pretty sure the others are yes or no as well. Could be interesting to add those columns, but a lot more data is needed. --Epoch 15:58, 18 September 2012 (BST)

I wouldn't mind a Feral Hero being a pet, seeing as they're incapable of much else. That would be quite fun. --Saphanon

I just got a Hyper Lynx at level 90. I'll edit after verifying dungeon-ability. --Beeporama (talk) 16:42, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

Level ranges for pets are larger for those who have completed an ark. So I'm not sure the level range table really makes sense in its current form. My suggestion is to split level range into 2 columns - one for pre-ark (essentially the data which is currently there), and another for post-ark (which as far as I know, is not at all well-understood). But as more people complete their arks and tame pets outside the pre-ark range, I'm afraid they will update the table accordingly, making it misleading for pretty much everyone. --Apathanos 23:27, 15 July 2015 (UTC)

My hero is currently level 80 (about to hit 81) and just tamed a terror bull. Here is a link to my hero if you'd like to verify it: - I am post-ark so maybe that has something to do with your theory Apathanos.

healing pets

What cammand do I give to heal an unconscious pet? None have wored yet. Lord Azaroth (talk) 01:56, 3 March 2018 (UTC)

There are no specific commands- the hero does this on their own! Blipintheheavens (talk) 21:05, 16 March 2018 (UTC)

Pets information is all over the place

At the moment, pets information is spread all over the wiki. We have:

  • This page, Pets, which has some miscellaneous info, the list of pets, and:
    • A sub-heading that (essentially) just links out to a page Pet names
    • A sub-heading that (essentially) just links out to a page Pet Personalities, with a passing mention of features (which are called abilities in the list immediately above)
    • A sub-heading that (essentially) directs you to an afterthought section of the hero resurrection page for information on resurrection revival.
    • A heading that describes uses of pets, including some more information about the features abilities
    • Information about the Animist Medal, which is great (Ideaicon.png Idea: why is there no page explaining all the medals?)
    • Some diary entries, okay, sure.

So, information about the topic of pets is spread across, if my count is right:

"So why not just fix it, Djonni?"

I'm not honestly sure of the best way to fix this, or even how much should be "fixed". It just seems really messy like this. Maybe all or some of these steps:

  • Merge the information from the Pet names and Pet Personalities pages into this page, into mw-collapsible (and mw-collapsed) tables so you don't end up scrolling forever, with redirects from original locations to the relevant section headers. This would work fine on desktop, but mw-collapsible is ignored on mobile
    • Alternatively, merge the information in Pet Personalities into Pet names, since it barely deserves a page of its own but is probably too much data to sanely tabulate into this page
  • Merge knocked out & revival information here, where it obviously should be, and simply a note in Resurrection saying it's moved
  • An overall fairly heavy rewrite/restructure of this page in general

Those last two I think are definites. Thoughts or alternatives from anyone interested? --Djonni (talk) 11:01, 22 May 2018 (UTC)

Afterthought: is there some clever way to use transclusion, or partial (noinclude, includeonly?) here? The more I think about this, the more I lean towards "no", but putting it down for later mulling.--Djonni (talk) 11:04, 22 May 2018 (UTC)