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Spode, I'm absolutely sure that Los Demonos is located at the 70th milestone. I have been suspicious as to the inacuracy of this fact, and I was able to confirm it today. I was returning to Los Demonos, an my hero went slightly past the 70th milestone, as in he went to about milestone 68, and then entered Los Demonos. This is just like all other towns, and I'm certain that Los Demonos is at the 70th milestone.

ok, it was originally that but then someone changed it and they said that they were sure but last time i checked it was 70 so ill go with it

Thank you, sir. I believe Hammrsgl is the one who changed it, so I hope she posts here soon. Is there a forum page for wiki editing discussion? I know there's one for wiki questions, but should that be used for wiki discussions as well?

Possibly, i'm not sure. the talk pages are meant to be used for this purpose but I appreciate that not a lot of people actively use them. you could suggest something to an admin.

THANK YOU Spode, Hammrsgl, and Sensei for this page. BTW- we Can't tell who is writing what above here. I'll try the wiki-standard-four-elipses here -- > Lightniing 10:27, 17 November 2011 (UTC)