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Love the new main page! Thanks Spode
* [[Talk:Main Page/Archive/2011-2017|2011-2017]]
* [[Talk:Main Page/Archive/2018|2018]]
* [[Talk:Main Page/Archive/2019|2019]]
* [[Talk:Main Page/Archive/2020|2020]]
Sorry for the complete lack of wiki experience, but I logged in today and noticed that the main page had been blanked.  I reverted to the latest non-blank instance I found, if that is not the proper procedure, please let me know and fix it correctly.  My edit doesn't have the random picture set up correctly.  Same thing with this edit, I'm brand new at this, any information on the "proper" way to use the talk page would be appreciated. -Function
* [[Talk:Main Page/Archive/2021|2021]]
This wiki needs a lot of work. Most of the articles here are rubbish. There are about 900 articles total, but about 700 are guild pages (most of which are only a few lines long).  Another 100 or so have been marked for deletion because they aren't related to the game.  That leaves about 100 pages of actual real game content. Moreover, a ton of the articles don't have categories.  I've been trying to add categories, but I can't do it alone.  Ultimately, we just need people to write articles on game subjects and stop writing guild articles. Wanna see what I've done, click [http://wiki.godvillegame.com/index.php?title=Special:Contributions&limit=500&target=BlueStapler here].  I've given up writing summaries of my edits too. -–[[User:BlueStapler|BlueStapler]]
The article count on the main page appears to be wrong. Right now, it says there are 961 articles. I think this number is too low.  Specifically, there are 874 "Guilds" articles and 164 "Monsters" articles. Those two combined equal 1038 articles (which is obviously more than 961).  I also know that articles from those two categories don't overlap because I've looked at nearly all of them. Add in all the other articles that have been categorized and I estimate there are around 2000 articles.  -–[[User:BlueStapler|BlueStapler]]
What was the purpose of the 2 September 2012 changes? --[[User:BlueStapler|BlueStapler]] 11:14, 2 September 2012 (BST)
Why were the "Picture of the Day" and the "You will be logged in automatically . . ." language removed yesterday?  Since I didn't see an explanation of why they were removed, I put them back by reverting to the 15 September 2012 version of the page.  If they were removed for a purpose, sorry. Feel free to just undo my 29 September 2012 edits. --[[User:BlueStapler|BlueStapler]] 03:51, 29 September 2012 (BST)
im requesting a article about this game to wikipedia about this game hopefully editors in wikipedia with the experience to start one will notice --[[User:Hanz24|Hanz24]] ([[User talk:Hanz24|talk]]) 18:59, 13 April 2016 (UTC)Hanz24
It would be great if the [https://wiki.godvillegame.com/Omnibus_List Omnibus List] could be returned to drop down boxes instead of this ugly jumbled lists which are not mobile friendly that [[User:Rizizuns]] broke. --[[User:ICancerous|ICancerous]] ([[User talk:ICancerous|talk]]) 03:09, 7 July 2017 (UTC)
:Archiving this since the Omnibus layout has since been redone. You will also, in fact, find the [[Talk:Omnibus List|Omnibus List talk page]] has an active discussion of potential future changes to the Omnibus' structure. --[[User:Djonni|Djonni]] ([[User talk:Djonni|talk]]) 09:04, 9 June 2018 (UTC)

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