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I just added a (new?) trade skill to the list after I saw that my level 33 hero had just acquired it and noticed that it wasn't on the current list yet. The skill I added was pocket hynotoad. There is no Godwiki article for the skill (so far as I am aware), but the skill's name clearly plays off the humorous Futurama Hynotoad meme.

-- Edited by Shmoozo

Today I updated the list of skills from data provided by Whet Dreams. I guessed on the type (combat, trade, trans) for some of the newly added skills. If I'm wrong, please just correct it. I also note that some of the skills are very similar to others. For example, Cobweb gulp and Cobwebs gulp are listed separately, but that's how it is in the game so that's how I think the wiki should be. Lastly, the game capitalization is totally inconsistent. I've seen Palm of the Panda written with all combinations of capital P or lowercase p. Hopefully the admins will one day fix this. --BlueStapler (talk) 20:22, 31 July 2013 (BST)

This comment addresses why I undid the edits by Ultraferret. To summarize, Ultraferret removed two skills from the list; Cash wistle and Chesire smile. While I agree with Ultraferret that these are misspellings, these two skills exist in the game under those spellings. Accordingly they belong on this list. Specifically, RuB1x has the skill Cash wistle and StatikDu51 has Chesire smile. --BlueStapler (talk) 07:48, 1 September 2013 (BST)

List cleanup and proposals

The time has come, I think, to clean up the last of our list articles. I want to remove the no-longer-meaningful (due to it being years out of date) column of counts, as I have with the others. But if that was the only change I'd just Be Bold and do it. Instead I wanted to solicit input (or at least ask if there are any objections) on a couple of other ideas.

Removal of redirected dupes

With all due respect to BlueStapler (see above), I feel in recent years the community has evolved a less completionist view of the wiki's purpose within the Godville ecosystem. The mere fact that an obvious mistake persists in-game doesn't necessarily require us to perpetuate that mistake.

So, the fact that there are probably still heroes or heroines with the Cash wistle or Chesire smile skill (if for no other reason than their gods not having checked in on them in half a decade), IMHO doesn't obligate us to keep them on the list. Especially when Chesire smile has always been a redirect to Cheshire smile, and Cash wistle is now a redirect to Cash whistle because I just set it (replacing some broken links and disconnected ramblings that previously occupied the page).

So, I would propose to remove the note above the list that reads:

Errant spellings and variant hyphenations have not been removed as they reflect actual data in Heroes' listings.

and clear away the obvious redundant entries, even though there are almost certainly heroes or heroines out there who are still carrying around the old/misspelled version of the skill.

If people really wanted to preserve the alternate forms, we could add a "Notes" column and list them next to their 'primary' entries. But I don't feel that's necessary, and personally I'd rather avoid it because of my second proposal...

Automatic two-columning of skills list

Especially if the middle column is removed, this list article is really the only one that's narrow enough to cause significant wasted space on desktop browsers, laid out in just a single column like that.

Don't worry, I have absolutely no intention of imposing a multiple-items-per-row structure on this table, like the old List of Quests used to have! That was a nightmare to read and even worse to edit!

No, what I can do with this article is much simpler, from both a coding and reading perspective. Basically, if I split the list into two tables at right about the middle point, then I can set them up to work just like the four boxes on the Main Page: They'll lay out side-by-side if there's enough room, and if not (like on mobile devices) they'll automatically stack themselves one on top of the other.

Readers should still find it self-explanatory, from an editing standpoint it'd be a non-issue because the source would look exactly the same except for a couple of extra lines at the split point (to end the first table and start the second). And the alphabetical shortcut links will still work exactly the same way they do now.

Anyway, it's a relatively simple change so for the moment I'm planning to try it out after I eliminate the center column (which I probably won't have time to take care of until next week). But if anyone has any objections, suggestions, or comments, please don't hold back... -- FeRDNYC (talk) 16:39, 5 April 2019 (UTC)