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CURRENTLY REQUESTING: Wiki article contributors to Geography and Towns articles. (special thanks to the one who does Herowin.) Will provide art if needed once I find my supplies again. ALSO, ...dang, I forget. That'd be enough for now, but by the time I remembered to link "towns" I forgot what I came here for.

Gidday, saw your message on a on a User page. I'm currently working on trying to clear this section...

Putting in pictures, filling Stubs etc. --SiTheSuperior (talk) 14:17, 20 May 2013 (BST)

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Pet Level Data: Sun Dog's Journal

GodTrainer 's profile notes:
- Sun Dog died despite best efforts. Will collect data on whatever comes next.
Partial data capture can be found in page history.
GodThe Only Good God  may yet kindly tell us his sun dog's age as it reaches level 30, in days, from which we may extrapolate.

Day 0: Lv.1, tamed @ 8:28 PM, Apr 27 2013.
Day 1: Lv.2 attained @ 12:12 PM, Apr 28 2013.
Day 2: Lv.3 attained @ 12:30 PM, Apr 29 2013. New trait: Droller.
Day 3: Uneventfully passed.
Day 4: Lv.4 attained @ 10:25 AM, May 1 2013.
Day 5: Uneventfully passed.
Day 6: Lv.5 attained @ 8:42 AM, May 3 2013.
Day 7: Uneventfully passed.
Day 8: Uneventfully passed.
Day 9: Lv.6 attained @ 2:42 AM, May 6 2013. New trait: Fearsome.
Day 10:Crisis (1st) @ Lv6. KO'd @ 5:58 AM, May 7 2013.
Day 11:1st crisis averted @ 5:30 PM, May 8 2013 w/ 2742 gold.
Day 12:Lv.7 attained @ 7:21 AM, May 9 2013. Day 13: Uneventfully passed.
Day 14: Uneventfully passed.
Day 15: Uneventfully passed.
Day 16: Uneventfully passed.
Day 17: Uneventfully passed.
Day 18: Uneventfully passed.
Not really, but it's about that day, will update form daily and just as carefully-kept logs when chance allows)
That sure went down in flames fast. Next pet, please! Leave a note on what you'd like to know the growth rate of and I'll fish for one. Willing to get a forefox (always wanted one) rocky raccoon or dust bunny (slowest 2 in game suspected, rocky took nigh 11 months)

All dates & times from US/Canada Central timezone (GMT-06:00)

Freaked me right out, indeed.
365 days later...