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Leave a message in the Inbox and I'll notice. Might even be that I'll get back to you- you never know without trying.


W/ "Edit" over there, for those who don't do this much. Thanks!

CURRENTLY REQUESTING: Wiki article contributors to Geography and Towns articles. (special thanks to the one who does Herowin.) Will provide art if needed once I find my supplies again. ALSO, ...dang, I forget. That'd be enough for now, but by the time I remembered to link "towns" I forgot what I came here for.

Gidday, saw your message on a on a User page. I'm currently working on trying to clear this section...

Putting in pictures, filling Stubs etc. --SiTheSuperior (talk) 14:17, 20 May 2013 (BST)

Trying my hand at writing an article, however slowly. Experimenting with a drawing app for Android. Jimbob64 (talk) 21:57, 5 June 2013 (BST) Assuming no one minds this attempt to chip in.

Pet Level Data: Sun Dog's Journal

GodTrainer 's profile notes:
- Logs on 1-3 times/day. Sends to Arena 1-2 times/day every day.
- Does not spend GP other than sending to Arena & healing pets.

Day 0: Lv.1, tamed @ 8:28 PM, Apr 27 2013.
Day 1: Lv.2 attained @ 12:12 PM, Apr 28 2013.
Day 2: Lv.3 attained @ 12:30 PM, Apr 29 2013. New trait: Droller.
Day 3: Uneventfully passed.
Day 4: Lv.4 attained @ 10:25 AM, May 1 2013.
Day 5: Uneventfully passed.
Day 6: Lv.5 attained @ 8:42 AM, May 3 2013.
Day 7: Uneventfully passed.
Day 8: Uneventfully passed.
Day 9: Lv.6 attained @ 2:42 AM, May 6 2013. New trait: Fearsome.
Day 10:Crisis (1st) @ Lv6. KO'd @ 5:58 AM, May 7 2013.
Day 11:1st crisis averted @ 5:30 PM, May 8 2013 w/ 2742 gold.
Day 12:Lv.7 attained @ 7:21 AM, May 9 2013. Day 13: Uneventfully passed.
Day 14: Uneventfully passed.
Day 15: Uneventfully passed.
Day 16: Uneventfully passed.
Day 17: Uneventfully passed.
Day 18: Uneventfully passed.
Not really, but it's about that day, will update form daily and just as carefully-kept logs when chance allows)

All dates & times from US/Canada Central timezone (GMT-06:00)

Freaked me right out, indeed.