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Feedback on the page so far

Any questions, comments, or suggested improvements, please leave a message here and I'll be told by the site the next time I log on. Thanks in advance, to anyone who drops by. -Jimbob64

You're welcome for the code :P -- Inspirationial

This is one awesome looking box ~ Fred Flintstone / --Der Moerder 21:38, 23 December 2012 (GMT)

I had a thought- should I have a little section summarizing what each Aura does, and/or a listing of what milestone to find each town at? Or just link there to the full article? Thoughts on this are welcomed. (Credit goes to Spode's tutorials for this box) -Jimbob64

GV Android Beta Screenshots

None for now. Currently running Bets 4 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Well, except for the one where it said "News from 3 Milestone" AGAIN. The ANT and I both reported this, and Godville acknowledged it, so no need to make my case here. Howeer, the non-italic healing items from Beta 2 and 3 persist in Beta 4. I'm not sure I really care anymore. That's a cosmetic choice that's up to the devs. What I'd like to see is a beta screenshot where healing items ARE italic.