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Notey.png Note:

Hello, Infinity Waffles. Here's a discussion page where Wiki construction can be discussed... I'll drop a few things here that might be neat to play with some time, but since it's your guild after all, all you have to do is say so and I'll not do it again. -Wile E. (Order of the Pizza, "restaurant" manager)

Here's a guild template table, where you can link to your forum, and other stuff. Note that any column in the table can be removed and it'll display just fine, sans that column.

Infinity Waffles
Motto: Guild Slogan Here
Alignment: Average personality, or intended alignment ("Lawful Awesome" is as right a choice as any other)
Gold Fund: No. of bricks total between all members c.u.
Date Founded: Date founded if anyone cares/remembers
Membership Count: No. of members.
Forum Headquarters: Infinity Waffles
Guild Page: Infinity Waffles 
Data current as of Date of last page update

This makes a section header, (editable individually)

Yes, it does. And here's a demo of a

...fancy little popup you can change the colors on.

"</div>" ends the colored bit.

Listing members if anyone cares

This bit is for listing members or linking to them. Using Trainer as my example.


Another section header

Enough section headers and a table of contents will show up on its own. Clicking "edit" shows only the code for that section.

Fancy fonts appear here.

Pop-ups and stuff (also subsection header demo)

Here's a table if you'd like to list things.

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Titles Go Here
Stuff can be Godnames, forum links Just type them here
listed this way. or anything. and mess about 'til it's right

Jimbob64 took a lot of notes, some of which will hopefully come in handy someday. Sporadically updated, and accepts side projects now and then via his Discussion page. That's right, you can have a contractor come by for stuff. ;)

In other news, once you get to about 5 or 10 members, the game will start sending someone your way every so often, as the increasing numbers of Infinity Waffles begin to attract curious heroes to quest to join on their own. After a point, you might notice the hero's diary entries mentioning Infinity Waffles if you're Encouraging him within a town, and that's good- it's literally a blessing on your guild which the villagers there will remember you by. It increases Popularity if you wondered what that pantheon was all about. Good luck!