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Alternate Names: GodMatusmanis Alt1 
(To be added before 2nd Arc)

Character Name: The seeker of knowledge
Race: Human
Occupation: Scholar, Adventurer

Advantages: Knowledgeable, Calm, Logical
Disadvantages and Quirks: Stubborn, Doesn't engage in fights directly
Skills: If he has any, they are unknown as of yet.

Hand Weapons: Skinning knife, Staff
Ranged Weapons: None
Armor and Possessions: Plain monk clothes with long hood. Always carries backpack around filled with everything he uses during his travels, including a large book

Cultural Familiarity: Well studied in both Godville history, spiritual things, and other realms
Family: He doesn't know anymore/lost importance after the pact with his god
Description: Tall semi-muscular man, walking around in his monkish robes with hood on; in all, he looks like a regular human man.
Background: To be revealed

Lilith Crowley

Deity Name: Lilith
Deity Type: Demon goddess
Virtue: Lust and Desire
Vice: Celibacy and Apathy
Class: Succubus/Sorceress
Abilities: Capable of Shapeshifting, manipulation of desire/lust. A kiss from her will drain lifeforce. Can summon lesser demonic beings and manipulate fire.
Followers: Mainly Dark Elves and Allurin. Quite a few humans as well.
Familiarity: Is well aware of other higher beings and loves teasing them whenever she meets one, no matter how powerful or almighty they are.
Description: Despite being able to shapeshift, Lilith prefers her usual demonic shape of a Succubus. Red skin, curvacious bust and hips. Her long and soft black hair smells like fresh roses and deep red eyes gaze daring at anyone who finds them. Two strong and big bat-like wings grow on her back and not far beaneath them is a long demonic tail. She's wearing high heels made of horn and just wears a simple black bikini with a horned heart pattern on it most of the time.

Character Name: Ashni Crowley
Race: Allurin
Occupation: Assassin, part time performer.

Advantages: Very attractive physique with almost exaggerated features. An almost hypnotic singing voice that can only be matched with those of the purest angels. Quite Charming
Disadvantages and Quirks: Taint of Evil: (Beings with the ability to detect evil, will always be able to sense evil her, due to her demonic heritage.)

Fears Paladins and the likes, due to them usually end up hunting her thanks to the Taint of Evil.

Absolutely Hates and despises Orcs and Slavers

Slightly Pyromaniac

She loves to taunt others, mockingly seducing them only to let them fall later on.
Skills: Pyromancy, Singing and Dancing, Adept with Whips. Slight morphing abilities (can make her horns/tail dissapear and change her facial features if necessary.)

Hand Weapons: Leather Whip
Ranged Weapons:
Armor and Possessions: A bunch of tight fitting, rather revealing clothes and jewelry. Owns a bag of holding which she uses to store her possessions in.

Cultural Familiarity: She's known as a skilled performer all around Godville, which enables her access to almost every establishment, as long as she performs. On these occasions, she made quite a few... friends that provide her with rumors and occasionally "jobs". She knows just enough about the criminal underground to be constantly provided with new contracts.
Family: Unknown
Description: Perfect cheekbones, perfect hair, tall, slim, beautiful. Deep violet eyes and almost pink hair. Curvacious bust and hips. A pair of demonic horns swing backwards from her head and slim pink tail with a heart shaped end grows just above her base. She's hiding a slave mark somewhere beneath her clothes. About 5' 7" tall
Background: Ashni grew up in slavery. She never knew her parents, but she was told that they sold her when she still was a baby. In the first few years of her life, she was thought what it meant to be treated less than a pig, less than dirt. She was stubborn however. What her bailiffs didn't knew, was that one of her fellow slaves (an elderly woman), was teaching her secretly how to be human and not just a toy. Over the years, Ashni was thought many things by the woman, until one day, the slavers killed her brutally. From that day on, her resolve grew even stronger, until one day, her "masters" sold her to a tribe of Orcs at the age of 13. She had grown into a beautiful woman in time, and it didn't take long until the barbaric creatures fell over her and abused her in the worst ways one could barely imagine. Five years later, at the age of 18, her nightmare like life found an abrupt ending, when a group of Elves was raiding the Orc tribe's fort. In the confusion of the battle, she managed to escape somehow, but soon found herself in the arms of Dark Elves that were spying on the other Elves. Fascinated by the young girl, they took her with them, seeing potential in her. They thought her the fine arts of dancing and creative assassination in the following years, Ashni showed a natural gift for seduction and pyromancy, which her saviours smiled upon, knowing they had found what they were looking for in a place they wouldn't have thought of. After only seven years, Ashni left the Dark Elves to explore the world around her, being fed up with the darkness of the underground. Now, at the age of young 30, she's a well known performer at day, and an assassin at night. Her body had opened many doors for her already and provided her with many a contact. One of them heard rumours about an ancient temple and knowing Ashni's love for random adventures, they told her about it...