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Message from GodGod2000  .

So. Why is my name still on the godwiki?

You are no where on this wiki other than under those who have been banned, and that is on a separate document all together. This is a list that will not be changed. Now get over the fact that you are on the list of banned players (the only so far.) You earned it. :Blind Faith

God2000. You have been put on a list of banned players because you did not adhere to our agreement when you left. This list will not be removed, nor can it be edited by anyone but me. It exists for the sole purpose of reminding people that there are consequences for inciting needless drama and not honoring agreements. You knew you were going on this list, and if I recall you wanted me to, that you didn't care. So, the question is ... why do you even still check anything we do? You have worn out your welcome long ago. Have a good life, and leave us be. This message will be left for 1 hour before I delete any and all reference to it. Thank you, Blind Faith for getting your character sheet up.

Also, to the rest of the guild who edits this page with character sheets -- there is absolutely no need to worry about adding the div classes, I will add the collapsible fields as I receive your character sheets.

I know I am banned, but it is still my account name. I won't interfere in the rp, but I still want my name removed. And if you don't, there is still a report option for me. Also, the name of "Maia5" changed into GodGod2000 8rd alt  Therefore, I see I am not being respected, nor being taken seriously..

You will never be respected around here, and that is something you need to realize. Are you really just looking for any reason to argue with those who have washed their hands of you? Your name is listed because you earned it. If you were blacklisted on any other site, would you be so eager to argue with the reason why your name is on the list?
That said, listing you as banned is not abusing the terms of service in google documents because it neither incriminates you, says anything false about you, or interferes in your life. So stop trolling and move along. And how would we know what your alts names are? We stopped caring after you were banned, now return the favor. Unless you want me to send the log of our conversation last (with your lovely foul language) to the admins of Godville. I'm not editing the page. Why have a list of banned names if you remove them?

Crying for something that you clearly haven't earned isn't the way life works, kid. Blacklisted means for life. If Sireine removes you, can you promise to NEVER bother ANY Idle Omens member again? To not post, to not even LOOK at our thread?

Actually, if you can promise that ... I will remove you. Can you do what Blind asks?

......Sireine, actually. That. Is. What. I. Wanted to. I just want my name removed.. nothing else..

Fine. The moment I so much as have anyone tell me you've mentioned this guild in PMs or in any other medium, the moment you post anything again in our forums -- your name goes back up. And it won't come back down this time.


Alternate Names: GodMatusmanis Alt1 
(To be added before 2nd Arc)

Character Name: The seeker of knowledge
Race: Human
Occupation: Scholar, Adventurer

Advantages: Knowledgeable, Calm, Logical
Disadvantages and Quirks: Stubborn, Doesn't engage in fights directly
Skills: If he has any, they are unknown as of yet.

Hand Weapons: Skinning knife, Staff
Ranged Weapons: None
Armor and Possessions: Plain monk clothes with long hood. Always carries backpack around filled with everything he uses during his travels, including a large book

Cultural Familiarity: Well studied in both Godville history, spiritual things, and other realms
Family: He doesn't know anymore/lost importance after the pact with his god
Description: Tall semi-muscular man, walking around in his monkish robes with hood on; in all, he looks like a regular human man.
Background: To be revealed