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Character Name: Nathaniel Edwards Race: Human Occupation: Thief Advantages: Very stealthy and agile, good with kicks Disadvantages and Quirks: Lacks brute force entirely, not very good against armed enemies Skills: Naturally stealthy (possibly enhanced stealth from his god), has trained himself to be agile Hand Weapons: Dagger Ranged Weapons: None Armor and Possessions: Wears all black clothing with a black hood Cultural Familiarity: Doesn't know very much; probably less than most people Family: None Description: Pale-skinned with black hair and green eyes Background: "Stumbled upon" the ruins and was instructed by his god to stay Deity Name: Unknown Deity Type: Unknown Virtue: Unknown Vice: Unknown Class: Unknown Abilities: Can manipulate Nathaniel's shadow, possibly other shadows; Possibility of other minor abilities such as enhancing Nathaniel's stealth, though there is no evidence of this

Followers: Nathaniel Edwards Familiarity: Not known to many but Nathaniel Description: Very rarely manifests itself, but when it does it tends to show itself in Nathaniel's shadow


Character Name: The seeker of knowledge
Race: Human
Occupation: Scholar, Adventurer

Advantages: Knowledgeable, Calm, Logical
Disadvantages and Quirks: Stubborn, Doesn't engage in fights directly
Skills: If he has any, they are unknown as of yet.

Hand Weapons: Skinning knife, Staff
Ranged Weapons: None
Armor and Possessions: Plain monk clothes with long hood. Always carries backpack around filled with everything he used at his travels including a big book

Cultural Familiarity: Well studied in both Godville history, spiritual things, and other realms
Family: He doesn't know anymore/lost importance after the pact with his god
Description: Tall semi muscular man, walking around in his monkish robes with hood on. He looks like a regular human man.
Background: To be revealed