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Please add more to this list.  This is for the Dreamwidth RP story ONLY.
Please add more to this list.  This is for the Dreamwidth RP story ONLY.
Wasn't sure where to put the twins so... here ya go (By Lilith)
'''Character Name:''' Corentine & Gyges  <br>
'''Race:''' Phis <br>
'''Occupation:''' Wanderer
'''Advantages:''' Semi-Immortality, Mind Link, Humanoid appearance, Strong Psychic resistance <br>
'''Disadvantages and Quirks:''' Impulsive, Stubborn, Thanatophobic, physically weak. <br>
'''Skills:''' Aeromancy, Geomancy, Telepathy, Teleportation.
'''Hand Weapons:''' None <br>
'''Ranged Weapons:''' None <br>
'''Armor and Possessions:''' None
'''Cultural Familiarity:''' They just arrived in the realm and know nothing about it as of yet. <br>
'''Family:''' Deceased Mother, no father <br>
'''Description:''' Both look around 12/13 years old.
Corentine has long, sky blue hair, silver-grey eyes and light skin. Wears a knee-long dress of rose pink colour and white ballerinas. <br>
Gyges is clothed in black, gothic styled. Has the same hair and eye colour like his sister, just a tone darker. Hair middle-long. <br>
'''Background:''' Corentine and Gyges were simultaneously created by a being called Mother. Shortly before her death through Oblivion, she sent them through space and time <br>

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Monster Ideas for the RP feel free to add.

Hobble Gobb
Vengeful Squirel
Unrequited Poet
Iron Ball
Lost Adventurer
Shipless Ghost
3-Headed Hydra
Abnormal Rat
Accursed Templar
Adam's Golem
Air Whisp
Alchemical Construct
Alice in Chains
Altered Ego
Ancient Golem
Angelic Being, Lesser
Angelic Being, Greater
Apostle of Usagi
Astral Alien
Average Knight
Bad Apple
Bard of Misery
Bastard Swordsman
Battle Hamster
Beholder's Eye
Blade Dancer
Bloody Bones
Bog Wraith
Candy Eye
Fell Born
Fell Creature - Ice
Fell Creature - Fire
Fell Creature - Water
Fell Creature - Rock
Fell Creature - Infernal
Fire Bird

Please add more to this list. This is for the Dreamwidth RP story ONLY.