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== Garwyn's sheet ==
===Forum RP Information: Hero-Class===
'''Character Name:''' Garwyn<br>
'''Race:''' Human<br>
'''Occupation:''' "Treasure Hunter" <br>
'''Advantages:''' He's a good th-- Treasure Hunter, snatching treasures from other people's purses. <br>
'''Disadvantages and Quirks:''' He thinks he's smoother than he really is.  Also is seen talking to his Owl.<br>
'''Skills:''' He's good with knifes, lockpicks, and stealth.  Not the best, but far from the worst.<br>
'''Hand Weapons:''' Iron shortsword<br>
'''Ranged Weapons:''' Throwing knives<br>
'''Armor and Possessions:''' Leather armor and steel mesh leggings.  His backpack is filled with bird feed and whatever 'treasure' he has accumulated.<br>
'''Cultural Familiarity:''' Not a whole lot, raised in Beerburgh.  Knows about as much as anyone else. <br>
'''Family:''' A mom and dad, both who disowned him. <br>
'''Description:''' Slightly tan with auburn hair.  He wears leather armor and has a feathered necklace that has several precious stones laced within it.  He's about 5'9" and of a light built.<br>
'''Background:''' After closing time one evening, Garwyn found a strange scroll that would lead him to the ruins.  Also, his Owl seemed rather persistent about the matter. Before that, Garwyn was a bit of a failed romantic and considered the worst thief in his father's troupe.<br>
===Forum RP Information: Deity-Class===
'''Deity Name:''' ?<br>
'''Deity Type:''' Possessed Animal<br>
'''Virtue:''' Adventure<br>
'''Vice:''' Deception<br>
'''Class:''' It's an Owl.<br>
'''Abilities:''' Can heal minor wounds and cause psychological pain on physical contact.<br>
'''Followers:''' Not known.<br>
'''Familiarity:''' It can perceive other god-like beings so the Owl may have some knowledge of the realms outside.<br>
'''Description:''' A pretty nondescript white barn Owl.<br>

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