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(To be added before 2nd Arc)
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'''Character Name:''' The seeker of knowledge<br>
'''Race:''' Human <br>
'''Occupation:''' Scholar, Adventurer
'''Advantages:''' Knowledgeable, Calm, Logical<br>
'''Disadvantages and Quirks:''' Stubborn, Doesn't engage in fights directly<br>
'''Skills:''' If he has any, they are unknown as of yet.
'''Hand Weapons:''' Skinning knife, Staff <br>
'''Ranged Weapons:''' None <br>
'''Armor and Possessions:''' Plain monk clothes with long hood. Always carries backpack around filled with everything he uses during his travels, including a large book
'''Cultural Familiarity:''' Well studied in both Godville history, spiritual things, and other realms<br>
'''Family:''' He doesn't know anymore/lost importance after the pact with his god<br>
'''Description:''' Tall semi-muscular man, walking around in his monkish robes with hood on; in all, he looks like a regular human man. <br>
'''Background:''' To be revealed<br>
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===Heretical God===
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'''Character Name:''' Known simply as "Hunter" (Real Name: Spoilers)<br>
'''Race:''' Eternal (A vampire-like race that feed from emotional essences.)<br>
'''Occupation:''' Knight Errant
'''Advantages:''' Regenerating health, Inhuman strength,  and is a skilled swordsman.<br>
'''Disadvantages and Quirks:''' Distrustful, Judgmental, Can succumb to 'hunger'(a state in which is brought on by lack of ''feeding'', and results in his appearance twisting into something bestial.  Victims of this state enter what is known as torpor, a deep sleep.)<br>
'''Skills:''' Martial training, Swordsmanship, and Charm Speak(Will imply when he uses this ability -- everyone has a ''chance'' of resisting.)
'''Hand Weapons:''' Double-handed broadsword
'''Ranged Weapons:''' None
'''Armor and Possessions:''' Blood plate mail(absorbs vital essences to strengthen itself) and carries a small satchel with traveling supplies.
'''Cultural Familiarity:''' Godville is foreign to them, but knows much of other realms. <br>
'''Family:''' "Hunter" is the sole member of his kind in Godville that he knows of. <br>
'''Description:''' Underneath the armor lies a well built human-looking male.  His skin is tan, with sandy blonde hair and nondescript blue eyes.  He could easily pass as a typical citizen of Godville without his armor that appears to be simply rusted.<br>
'''Background:''' In truth, he does not know himself.  He woke from a great battle between his kind and another and found himself in Godville.  His life before him seemingly a long and forgotten memory.

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