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Hey everyone just thought I might get a group discussion board going for everyone who might either need help or just wants to talk about random shiz anywho u can right back or you know just read - Wibe83

And would this be open to anybody in the game or just guild members? Anyway, there's also a "start new thread" button in the forums, which is where I imagine most people would go looking for this. I imaging ypu must have your reasons for starting it here, though. -Jimbob64

I did not realize there was already a discussion. Even if it's a 4 yr old one, I just want to add that when adding lines to this discussion, please include your name. Thank you. - EJ Rose

Draft for EJ Rose Era (if the council approves it) Not much is known about the fourth leader of I AM. People say she wasn't even supposed to be the leader as she was unpopular with the guild members for beating all the guys at drinking contests. Some even suggested that she may have changed the name on the envelope containing the correct elected leader or that the announcer purposely said her name instead of the real winner because they were lovers. But as all these are pure speculation and without evidence since everyone seems to have blacked out that night, no action has been taken to prove or disprove these. However, it did not stop some members protesting and refusing to give to the drinking fund, resulting in the council giving them an opportunity to overthrow her in a drinking contest. At first, a lot of members took up the challenge, but upon learning that each member will have to pay for their own bar tab in this challenge as the guild fund must always be neutral (that and it will certainly have bankrupted the guild),many just accepted EJ Rose as their leader. In the end, no one knows how many, if there even was one, who participated in this challenge. But as the title of this section implies, EJ Rose retained leadership and the rest is history.

Not much else is known about this era except that members refer to it as "the dark ages".

List of I AM Leaders

God Names, contribs, Election Dates (when available). Please update when appropriate. Thank You

I Am Gamer - 03//2015 - first leader Jking1247 - 10//2015 - unlocked high lvl ThatGuyCalledDJ - 03//2016 - high lvl to ancient - unlock totem Uniqua - 07//2016 - totem to Atomic Kitten EJ Rose - 11//2016 - first forum to topic 4025 Iron Dog - 04//2017 Uniqua - 09/04/2017 The mighty Guide - 01/22/18