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Hairplug's Point Validation

During my term as Harvest Moon leader I plan to reward players points for a variety of different things. Points can be transferred to other's accounts, saved for medals, or cashed in for charges!

  • 8 points for 4 charges
  • 44 points for 22 charges
  • 90 points for 45 charges
  • 240 points for 120 charges
  • 500 points for 250 charges!
The player who has the most points at the end of my term wins my account.

Earn points by being evil. Once every 24 hours, take advantage of your evil alignment by posting it in the forums. Points increase with your rank of evil.

  • 5 points for pure evil!
  • 4 points for pure evil
  • 3 points for vicious
  • 2 points for cruel
  • 1 point for wicked

Earn bonus points for interesting/funny forum posts. Make me laugh, make major bank. Members below the rank of GodHopeflyte in the Harvest Moon head count are not eligible to score or redeem points. I reserve the right to take or give points as I please.

Hairplug's Point Validation System

God(dess) Points Highest Medal

At any time, players can choose to purchase a Medal with the chips that they've won. The Medals have to be purchased in order. So the first Medal available is the "Cheater's Medal" and the ultimate goal is the "Plug Alt" Medal. The following table lists the 10 Medals to compete for and the cost of each.

Note: In the unlikely event that you wish to "sell back" any Medal, I will buy it back for 75% of the original cost.

Medal Point Cost
Plug Alt Medal 2000
Cheater Medal 1800
Overcharged Player Medal 1600
Executioner Medal 1400
Jury Medal 1200
Judge Medal 1000
Evil Medal 800
Almost Evil Medal 600
Self Righteous Medal 400
Snowflake Medal 200

With all of that out of the way, this page will be for the tracking of points and the basic layout of events during my term. There will be four contests. The first being a Valentine's Week Death-fest in February. The second, in March, a very-bad-mostly-evil no-good art contest. Third, the return of the annual Godville's Got Skills contest in April. Finally, in May, a Wake the Dinos event. More updates to come!

Now Hiring

Looking for four hired staff, each paid 22 charges a week. Positions available are influencer, wiki editor, promoter, and welcomer. Job descriptions below. PM GodHairplug4men  to apply.

  • Influencer

Wanted: a non- to semi-active arena/dungeon/sailor to take my money and throw it down the tubes on gaining influence in towns. Requires: knowledge of Godville towns, guild pages, the Godville times influence tracker. Bonus charges can be earned by encouraging others to influence as well.

  • Wiki editor

Wanted: someone who enjoys editing the wiki to help me double check point claims and update the point sheet. Requires: simple understanding of wiki functions. Bonus charges can be earned for extra wiki beautifying.

  • Promoter

Wanted: a trusted fellow no-life to post updated event information in the HM GC and forum when I'm passed out or drunk. Requires: constantly asking me "what can I do now?" and the ability to write up promotional text on their own. Bonus charges can be earned for promoting other Godville events in the HM GC and forum.

  • Welcomer

Wanted: someone to personally welcome folks to HM with a standard welcome post. Requires: friend invites. Bonus charges can be earned for encouraging, promoting and supporting guild unity.