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Special Edition:
Halloween Edition

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Palringo Groups

password spongebob57hm's roomdungeon group • #47

Voyages with arks!

Andarch's ark image.jpg

By: The Godville associated press

For a while we have been wondering: what's next for our heroes after completing their Arks? There are rumors from another, parallel Godville that our heroes and heroines will be able to go on a voyage with their Ark.

The general idea of the voyage is similar to a dungeon. They go treasure hunting, need a group of 4 to set sail…

Oh, no! It's dungeons all over again and AFKers will cost us our run!

Wait a minute! It may require a group of 4 to match, but heroes are on their own when the voyage starts. On top of that, they can also attack other players. Hooray for playing pirates!

During voyages, heroes have to explore islands or defeat sea monsters to find treasure. After locating the treasure, an exit by returning to port or a boundary of the map is a must.

They can bring home two treasures per trip and, to make things challenging, they also need to manage their ark's durability and food supplies.

So what is the treasure?

Rumour says it can be a treasure box that contains huge amount of coins and artifacts. Another rumour would be that the treasure may be creatures that ark owners need to collect for their god and goddess.

Are voyages mandatory?

Like dungeons, voyages aren't required. Not only are they not a must, you won't even lose out on the creature collecting by not participating.

Why won't I?

Another circulating rumor regards fishing. Soon, all heroes and heroines in Godville will have the ability to fish during their quests. This is likely to be one of the main sources for heroes and heroines that enjoy less intentional participation to collect the creatures.

Happy fishing! …Perhaps soon!

Halloween Fun With Bella Stewart

Queen of evil

It's my favorite time of year again, folks, and if you're like me, you're wondering how to outdo your friends and post the most annoying Halloween pics on Godfacebook! I don't think there's anything more annoying than pets-in-costume photos (except for baby pics, but let's face it, we Gods and Goddesses just don't have any of those, though our heroes often act like them). So here are some ideas on ghoulifying your Godville pet this All Hallow's Eve.

  • Dust Bunny: Bend his front paw down and wrap with white tape. Add a tiny crutch and a bloodied rabbit's foot around his neck, and he's sure to gain you lots of pity candy.
  • Firefox: Every costume I tried on my firefox went up in smoke. The best I could come up with was an asbestos fright mask for him while I ran around screaming, "Help! HELP!! He's on fire!!!!" It was good for some laughs.
  • Dreaded Gazebo: The obvious choice is to dress up your dreaded gazebo as....a haunted house! Some cobwebs, bats and spiders will work wonders. And if you're in Harvest Moon, he's already got peeling paint.
  • Vogon Poet: Soft, mushy Vogon poets can be almost anything - baked potatoes, the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar, a pile of dirty laundry - but for everyone's sake, be sure to duct-tape his mouth shut before you take him out.
  • Thesaurus Rex: This costume takes some work, but it's so worth it. Whip up a batch of bread dough (or just ask Sarika, I'm sure she'd be delighted to do it for you), pack it around your thesaurus rex, bake him til he's golden brown, sprinkle with spices and smear with frosting and voila! You have a synonym roll!
  • Multi-legged Luggage: Strap an x-ray machine to him and he can go as an airport checkpoint. (WARNING: May cause your pet to glow in the dark for up to two weeks) For even more fun, add roller skates and a handle and just drag him behind you, or go with him as an HSA inspector and make everyone take their shoes off.
  • Godvilla: Add black eyeglasses with white tape at the nose, a pocket protector, an iPad and white socks and he can go as the pet we all secretly want but don't know if it's even possible to get: a Godville Administrator!

Have a Creepy Halloween, everyone!

Get to Know a Deity

Empress kerry.jpg
GodThe Sock  sat down with our glorious leader GodEmpress Kerry  to see what make her hit us so much.
  • Sock: Do you have any plans to celebrate the greatest evil holiday of Harvest Moon? And if so what do you plan to dress up as?
  • EK: No proper plans, but I shall be dressing up for work. I'll be wearing a dashing Pirates outfit, which suits my cruel personality.
  • Sock: If you had to sacrifice any guild member for the greater evil which one do you think would taste best with sacrificial lamb?
  • EK: Hmm, that's a toughie! But I think I'll go for Pikot, he seems like he'd taste the best with his wordly travels to season his taste.
  • Sock: What's the scariest thing you've seen since becoming the leader of Harvest Moon?
  • EK: How the topic once went from kids, to politics, to bomb, back to kids, and then black magic and murder. Scary how it changed so fast and randomly.
  • Sock: What's your favorite way to see a monster killed?
  • EK:Fast yet brutally, preferably with lots of punishes thrown in to keep the beast down.
  • Sock: How do you manage to come up with such exciting daily topics on a daily basis daily?
  • EK: Well, I've had some people give contributions, but they're mostly just whatever pops into my head whilst I'm choosing a topic.
  • Sock: Do you have any advice for the next leader of Harvest Moon?
  • EK: Good luck, ya gonna need it! But if you ever need help, feel free to ask me or anyone in the Guild. I promise I won't bite...Hard!

Classifieds and Upcoming events

Selling Evil Since Day 898 g.e.

A tournament for idea box junkies! Projected start of registration is around the 10-12th of December, and projected start date is around the 25th of December. Contack GodThe m1ghty  or GodHigh king of undies  for more info!

Blood Donors wanted! Ask for Dr. Acula at Monsterdam Hospital. Blood need not be your own!

Wanted: Brains, offering 1000 gold a piece. Look for the trader at milestone 66. (heroes need not apply)

Have you recently sold your soul to the devil? Been regretting it since? We can get you a new one! Simply yell into the blood circle in front of you and all will be sorted. (Price is non-negotiable)

Various limbs and body parts now for sale half off! come on down to severed-r-s! Your first right on Route 666!

No good deeds! Pallets and pallets of no good deeds, not even one mildly decent deed! Most good as new and a small few still unpunished! Get your no good deed today at Mr. Deeds Overstock

HP THE CARD GAME The highly anticipated GV arena based card game is now here for your at home enjoyment! Have a deck of cards, a die and a friend? Then you can play to!
There will be no candy this year, as the writing staff has already ate it all!

Special Thanks to our Special Edition staff: Bellatrixie the Strange, Doctor Frank-n-Furter, Hairplug4men, Empress Kerry, The Godville Associated Press, and facebook friends.
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