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Special Edition:
Tournament of Champions: Valentine’s Day Massacre

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Hey, greenhorns! Wanna fight? • #45

The Godville Tournament of Champions:
a Brief History

Will you be our Valentine? Mwahahahaha!

By: GodVorpal 

Things have changed since the arena was first implemented into GV. In the early days, if you tied your opponent in the arena and lost, you would add another blemish to your arena record and conversely, if you won, another victory would be added. Never would I push for tie in those days, I would always go for the win. Now, with ties affecting neither duelists’ arena records, I have often pushed for it, especially in situations where my back was against the wall, and I felt that a tie was my best option to avoid adding another loss to the hero’s arena record. The ability to send links so that others may view the matches did not exist either. There was also no such thing as sparring matches in the beginning. You could only match heros within your own level, and every match was a bloodmatch. Gloves off, every time. This created many challenges for the GV arena tournaments in their infancy.

The first arena tournament that I was a part of was run by Harvest Moon and the Beluga messenger application was used to coordinate and communicate. I believe Lord Ulvolose was the god that instigated putting this HM tournament together. Beluga is now defunct, thanks to Facebook buying it with the sole purpose of harpooning the whale and shutting it down. It began in October of 2011. I understand that there was another tournament, prior to this HM tourney, so technically, it was not the first EngGV tournament although the HM tournament was the first to be widely promoted. It was actually RoE, (Rise of Evil), that had the first. Drool, Barrykay and a few others organized that one, but I know very little of that event. There have also been arena tournaments in OriGV, before any known tournaments in EngGV. The HM tournament was a 3-charge limit one in an effort to attract both paying and non-paying players. I remember there being so many unforeseen problems and that trying to see the tournament all the way through was like trying to push an elephant through the eye of a needle. I also remember understanding that the entire process would help to ensure that future tournaments would go much smoother that the first one.

One of the positive things to come from that first tourney was the “challenge a friend” sparring feature. The idea was hatched and the developers responded very quickly by implementing it into the game. Since Facebook killed the Whale, Palringo had become the group messenger app used in coordinating the matches and updates and is still used today. The next big tournament was the Summer of 2012 Tournament of Champions. Much was learned from the prior event, and this one was immensely more successful. The first of the no-holds-barred events with a field of 32 combatants. The final was GodGod of Tasty  vs. GodLittle Ghost , LG emerging as the victor. The following two tournaments were “theme based”, and were highly successful as well. The second was the “Hunger Games” with guilds sending two members each to fight to the death. Just like the popular books, it was Slave vs Slave in the end with GodSafi  emerging as the winner over guildmate GodV-vin . Then, the third matched Good vs Evil ...vs Neutral vs Chaos. Evil reigned supreme with GodHairplug4men  taking down GodJimbob64  in the final round. Some incredible matches between some of the game’s top arena competitors in all three of these GVToC events. The ”final” GVToC, “Rest in Pieces”, was the mother of all gladiator tournaments. The developers provided 200 charges in prizes which were added to the victor’s winnings making it an unprecidented 700-charge 1st prize. Great prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as well. Many consolation prizes were given too. This time, there were 64 combatants and the tournament filled just in time for the designated start! In the end, GodSBFH  was the last gladiator standing and he did the noblest of things by giving all of his winnings away to the organizers of the tournament.

I am sad that the original incarnation of the Godville Tournament of Champions has come to an end, but the future of the Godville arena is very bright with ambitious players such as GodLHR Bad Karma  taking the reins from HP4M and leading the way to what is sure to be a brilliant future for the GVToC. The upcoming “Valentine’s Day Massacre” is certain to be as successful as its predecessors and I hope we continue to get the same participation and support from all of the great arena lovers of Godville.

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Harvest Weekly Reader,

I have said it on the forums but I have not said it individually to all of you. Thank all of you guys for making me feel that this paper was well worth it during its heyday. I would like to continue doing special editions for significant Godville events. A weekly paper was too hard on my staff of excellent co-creators.

I want to thank Bad Karma for taking the reins of the Tournament of Champions! He is going to do a fine job because he has the best staff available helping him: mine. I am also joining the Valentine's Day Massacre and hope to see all of my friends and top gladiators participate.

This game is full of talented people and I am more than excited to see what all of you guys create next.

Sincerely, GodHairplug4men 

Get to Know a Deity

When he’s good he’s very good, and when he’s bad he’s Karma.
GodHairplug4men  sat down with new tournament organizer, GodLHR Bad Karma  to get a little insight into what makes him tick.
  • HP: Being an idol to many, who besides GodHairplug4men  do you idolize?
  • BK: I'm not sure I'd use the term idolize, but there have been many that have encouraged me to be active in the community. The first will always be GodNexus . He taught me much of what I know about the game mechanics back in my first few months of playing. He was also the first to give me arena tips, and pushed me to sign up for the Tournament of Champions. There have been many members of the League of Adjudicators that have supported me over the years. I'd also have to mention my friends over in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch and Guild Name. And a big tip of the hat to people like GodVorpal , GodMorrigan Dahlia , GodDogess , GodRodrigo Augustus , and many others. And sure, let's toss Hairplug in there too.
  • HP: What arena moment is your most memorable?
  • BK: There was a fight I had, long ago. I don't remember who I was fighting, but it was back before my temple was finished. I'd sent my hero to the arena, then forgot to check until maybe 10 minutes later. I'd matched, and my opponent was beating the stuffing out of my hero. I want to say it was maybe 8 or 9 steps in by the time I got there. My hero's health was down to around 100, his opponent twice that.
    First thing I did was hit the punish button, since I only had a few seconds to decide. Backfire, of course. My hero's health was at 2.
    I went straight to healing, and, after a few minutes, was able to get my health back up and evened things out with my opponent.
    It's been 2 years or so, and I'm old so memory may be failing, but I think the fight went about 40 steps before I pulled out a victory.
  • HP: Gladiators always remember that time they came back from 2, yours was even more tantalizing, being that you backfired on your first action.
  • BK: I don't think I'd have used "tantalizing" at the time though. More like "extreme annoyance" followed by obscenities.
  • HP: What inspired you to resurrect the ToC?
  • BK: I don't feel like I'm resurrecting the ToC. After 4 very successful tournaments, the ToC was very much alive and kicking when I found it, hitchhiking on the highway. I'm just giving it a lift. Honestly, with such motivated people helping out I feel like I'm just along for the ride. After competing (and having a good time doing it) in the last 3 ToCs I want to do my part in seeing it continue. These tournaments promote community here in Godville. They encourage us to make connections and to find new friends. For a game as social as GV, those are some pretty important things.

All of us here at the Weekly Harvest would like to say a big “Thank you!” to GodLHR Bad Karma  for picking up the torch and running with it. We’re looking forward to seeing where it goes!


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Special Announcements

We Want YOU!

Attention all Gladiators: Sign up today to fight in the upcoming Tournament of Champions! This will be an open tournament and we’re aiming to have more competitors than ever before for this no-holds-barred tourney. Post in the forum (the GV National Tourney is wrapping up, but don’t let that stop you!) or contact GodLHR Bad Karma , GodDogess , GodHairplug4men  or GodVorpal  for more information.

It’ll be raining men… and women. Raining heroes in general, really.

Special Thanks to our Special Edition staff: Bellatrixie the Strange, Doctor Frank-n-Furter, Hairplug4men, LHR Bad Karma and Vorpal.
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