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Kind of a big deal. #17

Forum Events and Etiquette

Point of order, sir!

How to join in “the right way.”

So you checked out the forums and you’d like to participate but you’re shy or unsure of the proper “etiquette”? These general guidelines are for you!

  1. No reason to be shy! Remember, on the interwebz, nobody knows you’re really a dog. Just kidding - kind of. If you hit “post” and immediately regret it or notice a typo, you can always edit or delete your post by using the little tiny triangle next to your name on that post. It will show you a drop-down menu that will let you handle those types of things. You only have 15-17 minutes to "fix" it, but it's better than nothing!
  2. Still not convinced? Private message an active poster and have them read over your post before you send it. Most of us are happy to tell you how awesome you are or, at the very least, that it’s perfectly fine to post whatever it is you wrote or give you pointers if you need them.
  3. You posted and someone deleted your brilliant verbiage? How dare they? Before you get all huffy: think! Did you post on a “dead” thread? Did your post contain words inappropriate for a PG-13 audience? Were you “spamming,” trying to recruit or poach members from other guilds, or being rude? If you were, prepare to have your post removed as none of these actions are appreciated in the forum community.
  4. A guild is having an event and you’d like to participate but you/your guild weren't invited. Send a friend invite to a member of the guild in question and ask before barging into their role play. More often than not you’ll be invited to join in the fun, but some folks work very hard on their forums and someone traipsing in and messing up the flow of their story line can be un-fun.
  5. Your guild is hosting an event and you’d like to invite others. Great! Don’t post in every active forum inside of 5 minutes (that’s spam, folks, so take your time! One per hour or so works well.), be considerate of what’s going on in their forum at the moment, and be prepared to make some new friends!
  6. Another guild is hosting an open event you’d like to participate in, but you don’t know how to make green boxes or bold text. Don’t sweat it! Send a PM to an active poster if you’re truly afraid you’re wearing the wrong outfit to the dance, and remember that “Preview comment” lets you view before you “Post Reply.”

Basically, there’s not a lot of “rules” about posting in the forums. Just be considerate of others and have fun! If there’s something you don’t know how to do, there’s someone out there who does, so don’t be afraid to ask. Happy posting!

At Home with Bella Stewart

Queen of evil
Advice from the Mavin of the Macabre, the Mistress of Mystery, our very own Empress: Bellatrixie The Strange!

After signing up for the voice command-only dueling tournament over at Yggdrasil The Ash Tree guild, I realized my VC repertoire is really pretty lame. So I decided to write some new ones that would stand out in a crowd. Smite, kick, heal, boring. But how to express the inner me? Then, while singing in the shower, it hit me - I should express myself in song! So this week, I present you with song lyrics that can be used as voice commands! I know - genius. And remember, folks - if you can't dazzle them with wit, befuddle them with obscure inanity!


  • HIT him with your best shot, fire away! (Pat Benetar)
  • Just BEAT it, BEAT it, no one wants to be defeated! (Michael Jackson)
  • You gotta SMITE for your right to paaaartay! (Beastie Boys)
  • TRAMPs like us, baby we were born to run! (Bruce Springsteen)
  • ATTACK of the killer tomatoes! (from the movie)
  • I get no KICKs from champagne, but I get a KICK out of you. (Cole Porter)
  • They say that lightning never STRIKEs the same place twice. (Ozzy Ozbourne)
  • BEAT me, daddy, eight to the bar! (Andrews Sisters)
  • He's a TRAMP, he's a scoundrel, he's a rounder, he's a cad! (Lady and the Tramp)


  • No REST for the blessed, long life for the wicked! (Alexisonfire)
  • See me, feel me, touch me, HEAL me. (The Who)
  • I'm willing to bet that I'mma be crazy for the REST of my life. (Ludacris)
  • DRINK one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. (George Thorogood)


  • It's no SACRIFICE, no SACRIFICE, no SACRIFICE at all. (Elton John)
  • When you call my name, it's like a little PRAYer. (Madonna)
  • (PRAISE) Like the devil. (Sevendust)

There, my job is done. Nothing wrong with bringing a little culture to Godville. And you may just end up ruining your opponent's day by getting a song stuck in his or her head. Bonus!

Next week: I can't think right now. That Madonna song just won't go away.

Down in the dumps about your home or temple's decor? Send GodBellatrixie the Strange  (aka Bella Stewart) your questions directly or submit them to any member of the newspaper staff.

Famous HM Heroes This Week

#781 GODVILLE TIMES Day 1019 g.e.
Swayvil - 78th-level adventurer, member of the “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “Blood Moon Incarnate ☾”, stands at the 8th position in the pantheon of templehood under the vigilant supervision of the god GodCorwin . The hero has no distinctive features to date; however, he promises to get some before his next appearance.
#784 GODVILLE TIMES Day 1022 g.e.
Miracale - 65th-level adventurer, member of the “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “99 probs buta brik aint 1”, stands at the 47th position in the pantheon of savings under the vigilant supervision of the god GodMiracale . She's asking someone to get the band back together and report the results via telegram.

Get To Know a Deity

The dog behind the man...
Here we sit down weekly with a Harvest Moon warrior and find out what makes them tick. This week’s Deity is Milkman of the Moon, the guy with nine (9!!) First Rank Achievements (and the cutest pug EVAR!): GodHairplug4men 
  • Q: What is your favorite salty snack?
  • A: Peni... I mean peanuts.
  • Q: What song do you love to dance to?
  • A: "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band.
  • Q: What GV pet would you like to have?
  • A: A Multi-legged Luggage, if only to neglect and punish it for killing my hero so often.
  • Q: What are your hero’s marketable skills?
  • A: He's sells himself to the lowest bidder, that's a skill. right?
  • Q: Do you get emotional using Encourage when in times of crisis?
  • A: There are few things I'm afraid of in this world and that button is one, also lollipops.
  • Q: What color underwear are you wearing?
  • A: A little browner than yesterday.
  • Q: Do you have any hidden talents?
  • A: I'm ambidextrous, I can punish with both hands.

If you have a burning question for Harvest Moon's Deities, please submit them to the staff. Thank you!


Selling Evil Since Day 898 g.e.
FOR SALE: Girl Scout Cookies! Made with real Girl Scouts! Sign up for a box (or a case) today! Sign up sheet posted in the HM kitchen.

Over the Moon

We've got games, we've got prizes... Who needs a theme song?
The Championship!

Over the past four weeks, our readers have vied for the chance to compete for fun and prizes in the “Over The Moon” quiz. Questions (and crosswords puzzles) were posted here and answers were posted in the Harvest Moon Forum.

Each week’s winner recieved four (4) charges and was automatically entered to play in the Over the Moon Championship, held monthly on Palringo. Last week’s quiz garnered a tie and we’re still sorting out exactly who will be competing. Either GodJimBob64 , GodRoyal Highness  or GodGodofbeer  will be joining the previous week’s winners, GodElementarion , GodArtsonian  and GodGigglesMcGee  to compete for 45 charges!

This month’s OtM Championship:

Think “Match Game”, but call it the OtMC! Each contestant will be asked 3 questions, their goal being to figure out how the panelists would answer them. Whoever has the most correct at the end wins. If there’s a tie, there will be a tie-breaking round.

All participants and audience members (all are welcome!) should join the [otm game show] group on Palringo. Not everyone is required to be there at the same time, but we’d like to ask the contestants to please message either GodHairplug4men  or GodDoctor Frank-n-furter  to let us know what time(s) work best for you. Our hope would be to finish in time to publish the results (along with our next quiz) in next week’s Weekly Harvest.

Good luck to the contestants and happy viewing to our audience!

Special Announcements

Holy kitten sammiches, folks! Have you seen the awesome new designs available in the Harvest Moon store? No? Well, what are you waiting for? Show your love for your favorite evil guild by... shopping! Click: to browse and buy items that will let the world know you LiveeviL.

Special Thanks to our staff writers: Azzip, Bellatrixie the Strange, Cecceticat, Doctor Frank-n-Furter, Hairplug4men, Iduna, Jarlbank, Lady Darkness, Lady Shadows, Magic Merlin, Mistress of Science, Syrocko and Zeerty. Staff photographers: Bellatrixie the Strange, Kure. Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7 Issue #8 Issue #9 Issue #10 Issue #11 Issue #12 Issue #13 Issue #14 Issue #15 Issue #16